Best 7 Foot Kayaks In 2023 

7 Foot Kayaks

When purchasing a kayak, it’s critical to choose one of the right length.

Seven-foot kayaks, in particular, while rare, are popular among some beginner kayakers and kayakers looking for something with extra maneuverability.

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Best Lightweight Kayaks For Seniors – 2023

Unlike many active sports, kayaking can be a lifelong pursuit. There’s no shelf life on the ability to enjoy a relaxing afternoon paddling around your favorite body of water. That being said, some things are certainly different for older kayakers. For starters, the importance of making the on-land transportation process as easy as possible can … Read more

How To Store Kayak Outside In Winter?

Winter can wreak havoc on kayaks. Cold temperatures and moisture can cause damage to your kayaks. This leads to their reduced lifespan. Properly storing your kayak when it’s not in use is important. If you’re a new kayak owner, learn how to properly store your kayak. Learning proper paddling techniques is equally vital. If you … Read more

10 Fastest Sit On Top Kayaks

Most kayaks used or high-speed kayak racing are either sit-inside or touring variety. However, the fastest sit on top kayaks rival their sit-inside counterparts when it comes to top speeds. They also offer better comfort. There is a major difference between a recreational kayak for casual paddling and a higher-end model that performs better over … Read more