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Kayaking in the calm bay with limestone mountains

More and more people are taking up kayaking as a hobby or recreational sport

Each year, more people find the time to start kayaking, whether they do it as a sport, as a hobby, or just for fun while they’re on vacation. Unlike some other recreational activities or sports, kayaking can fit the activity level that you want and can provide hours or even days of fun for entire families – or just for one person.

Kayaking originated with the Inuit people who lived in the Arctic region of North America. It is essentially a specialized type of canoeing done in a specially designed canoe. The original kayaks were made out of seal skin and wood, and were meant for only one person. Today, there are many different types of kayaks made out of several different materials. There are even kayaks that have been built for two people!

The one-person kayak has room for one person to sit inside of the boat comfortably. Then, there is usually a skirt that goes over the top to keep water out of the boat. Kayaks use a double-sided paddle instead of a regular canoe paddle, and are designed to be easily righted if flipped.

Anybody can enjoy kayaking, since the sport has so many different facets. For instance, if you’re just looking for something to do for fun while you’re on vacation, then you’ll probably want to go kayak touring. Touring can be fun for the entire family as it is a calm, sightseeing experience. These are usually where the multi-person kayaks are used. While these kayaks are usually a little harder to maneuver, that is not as important in a location that has calm water. Plus, it’s more fun to share your experience with another person!

For the more brave, there are some more extreme kayaking activities, including whitewater kayaking, sea kayaking, or even kayak racing.

On this website, you’ll be able to find information and advice about all of the different types of kayaking. You will also be able to find articles and information about related topics.

Whether you know exactly what you want more information about regarding kayaking, or you’re not quite sure, you should be able to find what you’re looking for on our site. Feel free to browse.

  • The Lie Back Technique - The lie back is an important part of eskimo rolling technique. This will make it much easier for you to do the rolls you need to do, as well as help you to kayak better in general.
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  • Whitewater Touring Kayaks - Whitewater touring kayaks are the sturdiest kayaks for downriver travel. Whitewater touring kayaks are the best choice for anybody who plans on going on long river kayaking trips. These kayaks are designed to have enough extra space in them that you can bring all the equipment you need with you, and they are also sturdy enough that you can take them through white water. The type of whitewater touring kayak that you will need depends primarily on the type of river that you plan on kayaking down. If you like rivers that have a lot of rapids, then you should definitely be looking at the more buoyant boat choices. This is due to the fact that when water is frothing around, it does not support
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