How To Lock Up A Kayak?

Knowing how to lock up a kayak is important whether you own a personal kayak or you’re running a commercial business with multiple kayaks you need to keep secure. But the best way to lock up a kayak can depend on many factors. If you don’t have a dedicated outdoor kayak rack where you store … Read more

How To Kayak Alone? Top Safety Tips

Personally, I always prefer if I can find a partner for my kayaking adventures. The reality, however, is that I often wind up pulling from my knowledge of how to kayak alone if nobody else wants to accompany me. Solo kayakers need to be a little bit more prepared and mindful than others. If something … Read more

Can You Go Kayaking Without A Life Jacket? Is It Illegal?

As a kayak guide, I see people on the water without life jackets all the time. While many places don’t require adults to wear one of the best kayak life vests at all times, there are some very good reasons you should do so. Can you go kayaking without a life jacket? Sure. Is it … Read more

Kayak Safety Tips For Beginners

Kayaking is a fantastic sport. It’s a great way to make new friends, stay fit, and explore amazing new landscapes. As with with any sport involving water, however, there are some risks. Sudden changes in wind and visibility can make for hazardous kayaking conditions; not checking the weather in advance or wearing the proper attire … Read more

Kayak Emergency Kit – Items To Bring When Kayaking

Most kayakers, whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned expert, dream of all the fun they’re going to have on the water. Kayaks give us unparalleled access to places that other watercraft just can’t access. As many experienced kayakers know, that extra freedom comes with added responsibility. A kayaker must be able to perform … Read more

The Essential List of Kayak Safety Equipment

If you’re taking your kayak out on the lake for a couple hours in the afternoon, you might not feel like you need a lot of safety equipment. But what if you’re paddling on the open ocean or taking a long river trip? No matter what type of paddling you’re doing, there are certain pieces … Read more

Kayaking In The Rain: Safety Concerns

Kayaking In The Rain: Safety Concerns

Kayaking in the rain can be pretty fun. There’s nothing like a cool breeze on your skin, light raindrops falling on your face, and the cloudy, gray skies that set the mood and put you in an introspective state while you paddle your kayak and enjoy the endless water all around you.

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Do Canoes Tip Over Easily?

Canoeing is an enjoyable water activity with a low barrier to entry, making it suitable for people of all ages and skill levels.

However, if you’re new to the hobby or planning a first-time canoeing adventure for you and your family, you’re probably wondering if canoes tip over easily.

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Do Kayaks Flip Over Easily?

If you’ve never gone kayaking and you have a paddling trip coming up, you’re probably excited to embrace the challenge and learn a new activity. But somewhere at the back of your mind, you’re wondering how likely you are to end up in the water, fearing for your life.

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Do Alligators Attack Kayaks? Tips To Stay Safe

In light of some recent stories, there seems to be a spreading fear that kayakers are an at-risk population when it comes to alligator attacks. So we thought we’d address the elephant in the room to make sure there aren’t too many rumors and misconceptions floating around out there about this scary question: do alligators … Read more


Hypothermia is easily treatable but can be very dangerous. If you are ever going to be out in the wilderness overnight, especially if you are going to be around the water, you should make sure that you have a good understanding of what hypothermia is. It has been said that hypothermia is always treatable – … Read more