Kayaking In Austin: Complete Guide

Kayaking in Austin Complete Guide

Central Texas has a lot more water than you might imagine if you’ve never visited. I know I was pleasantly surprised when I first moved here and I spent a lot of time on the ground to compile this complete guide to kayaking in Austin.

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Best Kayaking Destinations in Ohio

Situated on the southern edge of Lake Erie, Ohio offers a wealth of beautiful places to paddle. In addition to the expansive shores of the lake, there are plenty of winding rivers and sprawling lakes that offer beautiful views and pristine water. In the heat of a midwest summer, there’s nothing like taking your kayak … Read more

10 Best Kayaking Trips In Wisconsin

Wisconsin is particularly famous for its cheese and the Green Bay Packers. Also referred to as America’s Dairyland, Wisconsin is one of the leading dairy producers and a source of cheese products such as cheese curds.

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10 Best Kayaking Trips In Florida

Best Kayaking Trips in Florida

Florida is a well-known destination for beach seekers and ocean lovers. In addition to being a fantastic place for a getaway, Florida offers many opportunities for kayaking. The state has hundreds of waterways, lakes, and springs.

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Kayaking In Lake District: Complete Guide

Kayaking In Lake District Complete Guide

If you have never heard of the Lake District, you will be adding it to your bucket list of kayaking destinations after this article. We’re here to provide a complete guide to kayaking in Lake District to help you plan for your trip to this epic destination.

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10 Best Kayaking Trips In Michigan

Best Kayaking Trips In Michigan

Heading up to Michigan during the summer will take you right into one of the best places for kayaking in the entire United States. The state has a lot to offer, so to narrow down your options you should be aware of the best kayaking trips in Michigan.

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10 Best Places To Sea Kayak With Whales

Best Places To Sea Kayak With Whales

There are many reasons that kayakers naturally gravitate towards the ocean as their skills progress, but one of the most common is the desire to see more wildlife while you’re paddling. That shouldn’t be a problem if you pick one of the best places to sea kayak with whales.

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10 Best Float Trips In Missouri

Float trips are a great way to get the family together and enjoy nature. They’re also great for a solo escape and provide an opportunity to meet other people that are passionate about outdoor recreation.

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Kayaking In Hilton Head: Complete Guide

Hilton Head Island is a very popular beach community in South Carolina with lots of options for avid kayakers. In this complete guide to kayaking in Hilton Head, we’ll cover places to launch, the best places to paddle, and much more.

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Kayaking On Lake Union: Complete Guide

Kayaking On Lake Union Complete Guide

Kayaking on Lake Union is one of the coolest kayaking experiences in the urban parts of the Pacific Northwest. It offers opportunities to see waterfront homes and houseboats and it’s easy to get to whether you live nearby or you’re just visiting.

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Best Creeks To Kayak In Alabama

If you’re new to the sport of kayaking and you live in Alabama, you might not have to travel as far as you think to find great kayaking spots. Today, we’re going to highlight the best creeks to kayak in Alabama and provide some useful insights for each spot. Creek kayaking is a little different … Read more

15 Best Rivers To Kayak In Michigan

Many visitors to any of the states around the Great Lakes probably first think about paddling on the lakes themselves. The best rivers to kayak in Michigan, however, can offer some spectacular scenery and less-crowded paddling.

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15 Best Rivers To Kayak In The US

Best rivers to kayak in the US (1)

River kayaking is one of the best ways to explore a new city. From paddling right through metropolitan areas to exploring rural countrysides, there is a ton of variety on the 15 best rivers to kayak in the U.S. To be honest, this list holds an extra appeal to me because I love testing my … Read more