How to Kayak with Kids

kayaking with kids

Kayaking with kids can be fun for the whole family. You can teach your children new skills and confidence and provide them with experiences that will last a lifetime. Once you understand the how-tos and are properly prepared with the best kayak for your kids, you can look forward to a great outing! This guide … Read more

Canoe Vs Kayak Fishing – Which Is Better For You?

Fishing is a great recreational activity for a sunny afternoon. But it’s also an epic skill to provide a healthy source of local protein for your family.  Whether you’re sport fishing or you’ve obtained a permit to bring a few fish home, a human-powered watercraft can help you reach fishing holes that simply aren’t accessible … Read more

50 Best Kayaking Tattoo Ideas

Best Kayaking Tattoo Ideas

People get tattoos for many reasons: to commemorate lost loved ones, to rebel against living relatives, or simply to express one of their passions in physical form. If you love kayaking and you’re a fan of tattoos, you are going to love this list of the best kayaking tattoo ideas.

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The Best Apps For Kayaking

The concept of an app for kayaking seems a little counter intuitive, doesn’t it? Why would you need an app for an activity that’s often associated with taking a break from technology? While you’re probably not going to be using your phone while you’re actually paddling, there are a lot of useful apps you can … Read more