The HI-Rescue

The HI-rescue is a useful rescue technique if you have two kayaks to help.One of the things that you should do before you go kayak touring is to make sure that you know all of the necessary methods for helping yourself and other people who may be in the water. While it’s always useful to … Read more

The T-Rescue

The T-Rescue is a two-person method of righting a capsized kayak. One of the reasons that you should never go kayaking alone is that if you are with somebody else, then there are a lot of other techniques that you can use in case something goes wrong while you’re kayaking. For instance, you’ll have somebody … Read more

How To Self Rescue In A Sea Kayak

Before you start planning longer paddle trips, you need to learn how to self-rescue in a sea kayak. This is a technique that can require quite a bit of on-water practice in order to master so that you can return to it when needed. We know that there can be great joy and reflection that … Read more