4 Best Kayak Gun Mounts

There are many reasons you might want to mount a gun to your kayak.

If you’re hunting ducks or other waterfowl, a kayak gun mount will ensure you don’t have to hold the gun in your hands while kayaking. It will free up your hands so you can paddle or use your binoculars.

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9 Most Expensive Trolling Motors

A good trolling motor can make a world of difference to your fishing activities. It enables you to move stealthily through the water and position your boat in the best spot so you can lure and catch more fish.

Instead of splitting your time and focus between casting reels and piloting your watercraft while dodging winds to keep it positioned correctly, you deftly and quietly navigate to where the fish are biting with less effort.

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Best Kayak GPS Watches 2024 – Buyer’s Guide And Reviews

Paper maps are not kayak friendly. The last thing you want to be doing as the weather turns and the wind starts to pick up is be struggling to find and read a map. Given this, GPS watches are the height of convenience.

Depending on which model you choose, you can set way points, track your position in real time, check your speed and heading, and even monitor your heart rate.

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