Best Folding Kayaks 2023 – Buyer’s Guide

Folding kayaks are an excellent way to enjoy the water sport, particularly if you don’t have room to store or transport a standard kayak. Because they can be folded down to a convenient size and easily stored, a folding kayak gives you the option to get out on the water whenever it suits you. However, … Read more

17 Best Kayak Brands 2023

15 Best Kayak Brands 2021

From where I’m sitting, there is a lot of competition in the kayak manufacturing world today. Every time I turn around, there is a new brand appearing on the market with a slight tweak on how things have been done for so long.

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Best Hurricane Kayaks For 2023

The year was 1998 and somewhere in Warsaw, North Carolina, a group of paddling enthusiasts were having a conversation about the outdoor activity and sport they all loved: kayaking.

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Pelican vs Lifetime Kayak – Which is Better?

pelican vs lifetime kayak - which is better

Pelican and Lifetime are two of the leading brands when it comes to making lightweight, durable kayaks that are priced at a point that makes them super accessible for beginners. The debate over Pelican vs Lifetime Kayak and which is better, however, is worth some attention.

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10 Best Canoes For Dogs

If your dog isn’t scared of the water, bringing him or her along on your paddling adventures is a great way for you both to get outside and get some exercise. The best canoes for dogs offer plenty of space for both you and your furry companion to get comfortable. To be honest, trying to … Read more

6 Best Kayaks For Dogs of 2023

Kayaking can be an excellent sport for you and your canine best friend to enjoy together. A dog can make the perfect kayak companion since they never complain about getting wet. They demand minimum equipment, and their low sense of gravity is perfect for the occasion.

However, before you pack up and go, it’s essential to take precautions to ensure the safety and comfort of you both.

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Best Kayaks For Parent and Kid

For some people, kayaking is the only time they get to be alone and enjoy quiet and solitude. For others, it’s always important to have a special someone with which you can share your memorable experience on the water. As you grow, passing your love for kayaking along to your children often becomes more and … Read more

Best Inflatable Canoes 2023

Do you miss the comfort and nostalgia of paddling a canoe but hate the difficulty of transporting one of these heavy watercraft? If so, we’d love to share some great news in the form of the best inflatable canoe! As the whitewater raft industry has known for years, inflatable watercraft are actually some of the … Read more

25 Best Kayak Gifts For Dad

Best Kayak Gifts For Dad

Whether you’re coming up on a holiday, birthday, anniversary, or you just want to surprise your Dad because he’s the greatest, you’ll love this extensive collection of the 25 best kayak gifts for Dad.

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10 Cheap Pedal Kayaks in 2023

10 Cheap Pedal Kayaks

Pedal kayaks are great for kayak fishing and for folks recovering from or dealing with chronic upper-body injuries. They allow you to propel your kayak using your legs so that your shoulders do not have to deal with the constant rotation that comes with using the best kayak paddles.

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8 2 Person Kayak With Fishing Motor

Two-person fishing kayaks are a great way to get out on the water with a friend or significant other. When fishing is your goal, however, you need to prepare so that you can actually spend most of your time doing that. Navigation can be the toughest challenge with a tandem kayak. You and your paddle … Read more

Pelican Kayak Review In 2023 – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

The Pelican Sport brand is well known in the kayak industry because they offer a wide range of kayaks at very reasonable prices. Their line up includes kayaks meant for long-distance paddles, fishing kayak, recreation, and tandem use. In this article, we’ll do a comprehensive review of Pelican products and outline a quick buying guide … Read more

10 Best Stand Up Fishing Kayaks with Motor

Fishing from a kayak has definite advantages over fishing from a motorized vessel. For one, you’ll have access to narrower and shallower waterways that you’d never take a motorized boat on safely. But fishing from a motorized vessel does give you an elevated vantage point that’s hard to obtain in most kayaks. That’s why kayak … Read more

7 Best Paddle Board And Kayak Combos Hybrid

Paddleboarding has really become quite the popular outdoor sport over the course of the last decade or so. And while it looks really cool when you see someone who has mastered it, remaining stable once you stand up requires patience and practice. In addition, weather conditions sometimes dictate lowering your profile so that your body … Read more

15 Best Solo Canoes

Best Solo Canoes

There are certain waterways and lake regions where paddling a canoe is preferable to paddling one of the best day touring kayaks. If you don’t have a reliable paddle partner, however, you will need to find one of the best solo canoes.

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10 Best Canoes For Camping 2023

Are you looking for the perfect camping canoe? While there is an abundance of camping kayaks, camping canoes can be a bit harder to find.

Fortunately for you, we’ve put together the complete list of the best camping canoes on the market.

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10 Best Family Kayaks 2023

We’ve recently been reminded of the many blessings that come with having more time to spend with our families. But, if you’re anything like us, you’ve been looking for new ways to get your family outside so that you can spend time together in nature. Aside from simply giving you another recreational tool to get … Read more

10 Best Sit On Top Fishing Kayaks

10 Best Sit On Top Fishing Kayaks

Personally, I used to enjoy just the simplicity of paddling a kayak. Lately, however, I find myself getting a little bored out there, which is why I am getting more and more interested in the best sit on top fishing kayaks. Not only does fishing while kayaking give you something else to do on the … Read more

Kids Kayak – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2023

For many parents that love kayaking, it’s never too early to start sharing their passion with their kids. And while it’s good to paddle with your kids in one of the best tandem kayaks to start out, pretty soon you’ll need to invest in one of the best kids kayaks. The good news is that … Read more

10 Best Lightweight Fishing Kayaks

10 Best Lightweight Fishing Kayaks

Fishing kayaks are naturally a bit heavier than most other types of kayaks. That doesn’t mean they have to be super tough to maneuver and transport, especially if you choose one of the best lightweight fishing kayaks. For obvious reasons, many of the models we’ve reviewed here are of the inflatable variety. They are naturally … Read more

Potomac Kayak Review – Is It Any Good?

Potomac Kayak Review - Is It Any Good?

The Potomac Pathfinder 100 kayak was originally made by Pelican International. Although the company ceased production on this specific kayak model back in 2010-2011, there are still plenty of them circulating in the used marketplace.

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14 Most Stable Kayaks For Beginners 2023

Most Stable Kayaks For Beginners

Owning a stable kayak allows you to explore the joys of kayaking on your own terms and at your own convenience without always having to depend on a more experienced partner to accompany you and help you when your kayak flips over.

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15 Different Types Of Kayaks For Fishing

Different Types of Kayaks For Fishing

Not all fishing kayaks are created equal because there are a lot of different environments where anglers search for their prey. The different types of kayaks for fishing are all meant to help anglers in the specific environments that they like to fish.

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15 Best Sea Kayaks In The UK

Ocean kayaking is a popular activity in many locations around the United Kingdom. Whether you intend on exploring the west coast of Scotland or heading out to the Isle of Man, you’ll need one of the best sea kayaks in the UK.

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11 High-End Kayak Brands In 2023

You might be thinking that a kayak is just a kayak. When you get down to it, most of them look the same and they all go in the water so they are all great, right? The answer is no. All kayaks are not created equal. Some kayak brands are better than others because they … Read more

Best Inflatable Fishing Kayaks: Buying Guide and Reviews

Man catching fish on inflatable kayak

The connection between kayaks and fishing spans back over several millennia, and was forged out of the need for survival in a primitive, often unforgiving wilderness. These days, kayaking plays a far more recreational role in modern culture, and is focused primarily on a desire for leisure and physical fitness than upon utilitarian necessity. Yet, … Read more

Best Lightweight Kayaks For Seniors – 2023

Unlike many active sports, kayaking can be a lifelong pursuit. There’s really no shelf life on the ability to enjoy a relaxing afternoon paddling around your favorite body of water. That being said, some things are certainly different for older kayakers. For starters, the importance of making the on-land transportation process as easy as possible … Read more

Modular Kayaks Reviews & Buyer Guide

Modular kayaks are a great alternative to traditional, one-piece kayaks because they’re much easier to transport. They also require significantly less storage space at home, which is why they’re great for those that live in apartments, RVs, travel trailers, and 5th wheels. In terms of direct competition, the closest designs you’ll find to modular kayaks … Read more

15 Best Kayaks For Women

Best kayaks For Women

Believe it or not, all kayaks are not made for men and women. If you are a lady trying to break into one of our personal favorite watersports, you might want to know about the best kayaks for women.

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Best Clear Kayaks With See Through Clear Bottom

Paddling on a clear lake or tropical ocean always begs the question: what’s underneath my kayak? And while the idea of the glass-bottom boat is nothing new, kayaks with a see-through clear bottom haven’t always been easily available. While these clear kayaks with see-through clear bottoms may not perform quite as well as some of … Read more

10 Best Sea Kayak Brands

If you live anywhere near the coast, the ocean is going to be your obvious go-to for your kayaking adventures. And if you don’t already have a kayak, getting to know the best sea kayak brands is a great place to start your search. One thing that all beginners should know is that different brands … Read more

15 Best Kayak Movies & Documentaries

Best Kayak Movies & Documentaries

When the weather isn’t quite nice enough to actually enjoy kayaking, we can still live vicariously through the adventures of others. The best kayak movies and documentaries will help you get your paddling fix until it’s warm enough to put your kayak on the water again.

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Best Tandem Kayaks: Two Paddlers Means Twice the Fun!

The lure of the water is easy to understand. Whether you’re grabbing your paddle to spark some excitement, or to take a relaxing break from the everyday, there’s no better way than a tandem kayak to experience what your local lake, river, or coast has to offer. Because they allow you to share your paddling … Read more

8 Most Stable Canoes 2023

Most Stable Canoes

Paddling a canoe is inherently different from paddling a kayak but, as you can see from the photo above, there are some definite similarities. One thing that many new canoe paddlers struggle with is a lack of stability.

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10 Best Tandem Kayaks For Family

10 Best Tandem Kayak For Family

Let’s be honest: kayaking is more fun with friends. Heck, there aren’t actually many outdoor pursuits that aren’t more enjoyable with a trusted companion at your side. That said, finding the right kayak for your entire family can be a struggle. Remember the last time you all sat down and tried to agree on just … Read more

10 Best 2 Person Kayaks Reviews

Kayaking is more fun with a friend! And some of the best 2-person kayaks even have room for a third paddler, a small child, or your favorite paddle pup. There are a variety of two-person kayaks out there. Some are made purely for recreation while others boast a number of specialty features for fishing, long … Read more

10 Best 2 Person Inflatable Kayaks

If limited storage space and a small vehicle are restricting you from getting a regular kayak, one of the best two-person inflatable kayaks is a great alternative. Many of these kayaks also convert to be paddled solo, so they give you the versatility that others can not.

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10 Best Fishing Kayak Brands

Kayak fishing is a great way to enjoy time on the water and (if you’re lucky!) bring home some fresh fish for dinner. While some kayak anglers just do it for sport, others come to rely on what they’re able to bring home at the end of the day. Fishing kayaks are typically wider and … Read more

10 Best Fishing Kayaks Under $700

Some of the first “kayaks” were constructed more than 4,000 years ago by the Inuits. The term “kayak” roughly translates to ‘hunter’s boat’ and we can see why in today’s modern fishing kayaks. While the earliest kayaks most likely didn’t include a plush, foam-padded seat, or multiple fishing rod holders, they still served a similar … Read more

10 Best Sit On Top Kayaks For Beginners

As a beginner, the best type of kayak to learn on is a sit on top kayak. There are many reasons why this is the case, but the most important one is that they are the most forgiving type of kayak to help you overcome your beginner mistakes. Because of their specific design, this type … Read more

10 Best Day Touring Kayaks

Best Day Touring Kayaks

There is quite possibly no better way to beat the summer heat than to get out on the lake for a full-day tour. To do that, you will need one of the best day touring kayaks so that you can pack everything you need. Day touring is a little different than preparing for long-distance kayak … Read more

10 Best Kayaks For Lakes

Lakes are one of the most friendly environments you can choose for kayaking. Aside from whitewater kayaks, you’ll be able to operate most types of inflatable and rotomolded kayaks with ease on a lake. That’s not to downplay the effects that wind can have on your ability to get home. Even though lakes are friendly … Read more

Best Fishing Kayaks Under $1000

A good fishing kayak allows you to reach more locations where fish are hiding.

Many of these spots simply aren’t accessible from land or with a motorized watercraft, and a motorized vessel can quickly scare fish away.

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10 Best Sit On Top Kayaks For Dogs

Kayaking is always more fun with a friend. Even a furry friend can be a great companion to help you enjoy a sunny, relaxing day on your neighborhood waterways. Sit on top kayaks are designed for many different purposes. There are kayaks optimized for fishing, navigating whitewater, and achieving top speeds on flat water. Recreational … Read more

Best Kayaks for Big Guys and Gals 2023

Kayaking is a great sport for both guys and gals, but for those of you who have a bigger stature, it’s difficult to imagine yourself out on the water. You’re probably wondering how stable that kayak will be! That fear might be justified with smaller kayaks, but fortunately, there are heavy duty kayaks that are … Read more

10 Best 10 Foot Kayaks

As you’re probably aware, kayaks come in many different shapes and sizes. But if you’re new to the sport, one of the best 10-foot kayaks will give you a solid, stable kayak to keep you dry while you perfect paddling techniques like forward paddling and stopping your kayak. Kayaks of this size provide a great … Read more

Worst Pontoon Boats To Avoid

If you want to keep something like the unfortunate scenario pictured above from happening, you’ll need to know about the worst pontoon boats to avoid.

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Brooklyn Kayak Reviews In 2023

Brooklyn Kayak Reviews

Brooklyn Kayak Company is slowly gaining a name for itself. Based in New Jersey, it offers a variety of kayaks, paddleboards, and kayak accessories.

Is it any good, though? Should you get your kayak from Brooklyn Kayak Company, or would you be better off finding another company to buy your kayak from?

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6 Best Sit In Kayaks

6 Best Sit In Kayaks

Whether your intention is whitewater kayaking or recreational paddling, you should look into the best sit in kayaks. There are models out there designed for every type of paddling imaginable and the choices can actually be quite overwhelming if you are new to the sport.

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Best Flatwater Kayaks

Flatwater kayaking is the easiest type of kayaking to learn and is a good starting point if you’re new to the activity. What is Flatwater Kayaking? Flatwater kayaking is kayaking on a flat body of water. It can take place on almost any body of water so long as it is in an area that … Read more

5 Worst Boat Brands To Avoid

Whether it’s your intention to buy a new boat for wakeboarding, offshore fishing, or just spending casual afternoons on the water, you’ll want to be sure that your investment is going to last for years to come. All boats require maintenance, but you’ll spend a lot more trying to maintain your boat if you choose … Read more

Best Fishing Kayaks with Pedals: Buying Guide and Reviews 2023

Best Pedal Fishing Kayaks: Buying Guide and Reviews

The kayak is a timeless craft that remained basically unchanged for thousands of years prior to visionary Tim Niemier’s creation of the first sit-on-Top kayak, which was introduced to the marketplace in 1978. As more and more sit-on-top kayak enthusiasts began to realize the potential for undertaking more extensive and adventurous journeys, they quickly discovered … Read more

Best Fishing Kayaks – 2023 Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

If you’ve never lured a bass from beneath a log, seduced a trout to strike your fly, or heard the scream of your drag as a striper fought your line, you don’t know what you’ve been missing! The good news is that it’s never been easier to get in the game, and as the popularity … Read more

Pungo Kayak Reviews

Wilderness Systems is one of the most trusted and recognized kayak brands on the market these days. They manufacture a wide variety of kayaks for different types of paddling and their craftsmanship is top-notch. Their line of Pungo kayaks is perfect for everything from recreational paddling on flat water to long-distance touring on coastal waterways. … Read more

10 Best Plastic Kayaks

Best Plastic Kayaks

The best plastic kayaks are a great choice for beginners and even some intermediate paddlers. They offer good durability, are generally available at a very reasonable price, and some even regain their shape very well if accidentally dented.

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Pelican Catch 130 HD Review

There are lots of benefits to choosing a pedal-driven kayak for fishing applications. While you can always get an upper body workout by paddling normally, these kayaks allow you to propel your kayak forward while keeping your hands free to fish or handle bait and tackle. There are plenty of pedal-driven kayaks on the market … Read more

Best Sit On Top Fishing Kayaks Under $1000

best sit on top fishing kayak

There comes a point in every aspiring angler’s life when casting from the shore just isn’t enough anymore.

From that moment on, anglers begin to seek new horizons, and setting off on one of the best sit on top fishing kayaks under $1000 is a natural progression for some.

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15 Best Bass Fishing Kayaks 2023

Best Bass Fishing Kayaks1

When you first take up bass fishing as a hobby, you might be able to make do with whatever kayak you have on hand.

But as your skills improve and you start to take the activity a little more seriously or start thinking about exploring different waterways, you will need to invest in a proper fishing kayak.

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Best Kayaks For Camping

Camping and kayaking are amazing hobbies on their own; both offering you a sense of freedom and adventure. But when you combine the two, it’s a recipe for something extraordinary. Using your kayak, you can explore rivers, lakes, and coastlines before pulling in to set up camp during the evening. A good kayak for camping … Read more

10 Best Fishing Kayaks Under $500

Fishing kayaks these days come with a lot of bells and whistles. Many of these feature-laden kayaks can get pretty expensive and create a barrier to entry for many novice kayak anglers.  But fishing kayaks don’t have to be super expensive. As long as you have a stable platform to fish from, you’ll be able … Read more

Best Kayaks For Rivers

The best part about kayaking on a river is the number of different types of environment you can experience as you traverse along its length. One moment you might be sitting back and relaxing on a placid slow-moving stretch of water, perfect for fishing. The next moment you could be battling through a whitewater run, … Read more

Best Recreational Kayaks For A Woman

There are so many health benefits of kayaking that make it an attractive sport for both genders. It’s a great way to escape the stressors of every day and spend some time allowing your favorite body of water to rock you into a state of calm and relaxation. But kayaking is also good for getting … Read more

10 Best 3 Person Inflatable Kayaks

Inflatable kayaks have become significantly more stable and durable in recent years. They’re great for traveling and for those that don’t necessarily have a ton of storage space at home for a rigid kayak.  As your family grows, it becomes more fun to get everyone out on the water together. This requires a kayak that … Read more

Best Kayaks for Beginners 2023

Kayaking is an amazing sport and a great way to stay active, meet new people, and experience things you would never otherwise get to see. When you are a beginner starting out on your kayaking adventure, a lot of the more technical kayaking gear is optional, but one thing definitely isn’t: your kayak! Picking a … Read more

Pelican Mustang 100X Kayak Review 2023

Pelican Sport is widely known for its lightweight, durable kayak models. Their patented kayak molding process allows them to construct some of the only kayaks on the market that can be bent back into place if they become dented. But there are many different Pelican kayak models to choose from if you’re just starting out. … Read more

Best Stand Up Kayaks Under $1000

Fishing from a kayak allows you to access more remote locations than you’d usually have access to from the shore or even a motorized watercraft. But because you’re sitting a bit lower in a kayak than you would be if you were on a boat or standing up on shore, visibility can sometimes be an … Read more

Lifetime Tamarack 120 Kayak Review

The popularity of kayak fishing has come on by leaps and bounds in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. Kayaks are convenient, fun, easy to transport, and are also a great form of exercise. It should come as no surprise then, that purpose-built angling kayaks are becoming more and more common, with features … Read more

Best Stand Up Kayaks For Fishing

Kayak fishing has a lot of benefits over fishing from shore or from a powerboat, but sitting down in your kayak doesn’t always allow you to make the most of your time on the water. That’s why the best stand up kayaks for fishing have been developed to help you get an elevated vantage point. … Read more

Hoodoo Kayak Review In 2023 – The Buyer’s Guide

Hoodoo Sports is a brand that offers a nice selection of kayaks, including sit-on-top, pedal, and dual-drive kayaks. All their kayaks are affordable and well-priced, but are they any good?

That’s what I decided to investigate. Today, I’ll be sharing my experience with the Hoodoo brand of kayaks and give you my opinion on whether they’re worth it.

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Origami Kayak Review In 2023 – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Origami Kayak Review

Not everyone has space in their home or garage to store a traditional kayak. Plus, those rigid kayaks can be heavy and awkward to transport to and from your closest waterway. These are two of the biggest reasons why inflatable and folding kayaks have become so popular in recent years. You can leave them in … Read more

Oru Kayak Reviews In 2023 – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

If you’ve ever had to carry a heavy canoe or kayak over a long distance, you probably realized why they’re meant to be on the water and not necessarily carried over land. But not all kayaks have to be heavy. Many experienced kayakers that love to plan multi-day expeditions require a watercraft that’s lightweight and … Read more

Costco’s Tobin Sports Wavebreak Kayak Review

Costco's Tobin Sports Wavebreak Kayak Review

Have you been searching for an affordable kayak for two people? You may have come across the Tobin Sports Wavebreak Kayak, sold by Costco, during your search.

This is an inflatable tandem kayak, but is it any good? While it’s quite affordable, is it worth the money, or can you find a better kayak at a similar price?

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15 Best Pedal Kayaks 2023

Best Pedal Kayaks

Using a pedal kayak can make your kayaking sessions easier and a lot more fun. Rather than trying to figure out where to place your paddle so it doesn’t get in the way of other activities, you can free up your hands and let your legs do the work.

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15 Most Expensive Kayaks 2023

15 Most Expensive Kayaks 2021

If you are not worried about your budget, it makes sense to be aware of the most expensive kayaks on the market. Even if they are out of your budget, it does not hurt to dream from time to time. To be honest, many beginners will not be able to tell the difference before they … Read more

10 Best Sea Kayaks In Australia

Sea kayaks come in many different shapes and sizes, but they all make it easier to get out and explore the coastal waterways near you. Today, we are going to take a closer look at some of the best sea kayaks in Australia.

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15 Best Fishing Kayaks With Foot Pedals

Best fishing kayak with foot pedals

Fishing from a kayak is a whole lot more fun when you don’t have to tire your arms and shoulders out paddling. So, today, we’re going to highlight some of the best fishing kayaks with foot pedals.

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100+ Funny Kayaking & Canoeing Quotes

It’s natural that people have said many funny things about kayaking in its long history. There are plenty of resources to help you learn more about how to kayak on our site, but today we’re focusing on funny kayaking quotes you can share with your fellow paddlers.

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Perception Rhythm 11 Kayak Review 2023

In the quest to find the perfect kayak, manufacturers are coming out with new models every year. Perception Kayaks is certainly no exception to that rule and, in fact, they are one of the premier kayak manufacturers in today’s market. Sadly, they’ve actually discontinued the production of the Perception Rhythm 11 Kayak. However, that doesn’t … Read more

6 Best 14 Foot Kayaks 2023

Best 14 Foot Kayaks

If you are interested in kayak touring or sea kayaking, you will need to consider some of the best 14-foot kayaks. This length is great for medium-sized paddlers and still boasts plenty of storage space for long expeditions.

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10 Best Kayaks For Bad Lower Back 2023

10 Best Kayaks For Bad Lower Back 2021

Lower back pain doesn’t have to keep you from enjoying kayaking. Even if your pain is a result of a chronic lower back injury, there are kayaks and kayak seats specifically made for bad lower back pain and injuries.

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Best Kayaks For Kids 2023

Being out on the water with a kayak is not only fun and relaxing but a great way to get your kids outdoors and away from those digital screens! The only problem might be finding the best kayak just for kids. I didn’t want to worry about my kids when they first started kayaking, which … Read more