Best Kayaks For Camping

Camping and kayaking are amazing hobbies on their own; both offering you a sense of freedom and adventure. But when you combine the two, it’s a recipe for something extraordinary. Using your kayak, you can explore rivers, lakes, and coastlines before pulling in to set up camp during the evening. A good kayak for camping … Read more

The Essential List of Kayak Safety Equipment

If you’re taking your kayak out on the lake for a couple hours in the afternoon, you might not feel like you need a lot of safety equipment. But what if you’re paddling on the open ocean or taking a long river trip? No matter what type of paddling you’re doing, there are certain pieces … Read more

Best Ocean Fishing Kayaks – Jargon Buster, Buying Guide, and Reviews

Kayak fishing is an excellent way to experience the beauty of the ocean without the noise of an outboard motor disturbing the placid scenery. Kayaks give you the opportunity to explore sections of the coastline that other crafts just can’t reach, and search for your perfect fishing stop before casting your line. To handle the … Read more

Best Crossover Kayaks: Buying Guide, Jargon Buster, and Reviews

As a rule, kayaks are normally designed for a specific type of environment. Whitewater kayaks are excellent at navigating tight turns and tricky fast-moving runs, but take one out on a calm lake and their poor tracking will have you spinning in miserable circles. A good touring kayak will track as straight as an arrow, … Read more