Best Kayaks for Big Guys and Gals 2022

Kayaking is a great sport for both guys and gals, but for those of you who have a bigger stature, it’s difficult to imagine yourself out on the water. You’re probably wondering how stable that kayak will be! That fear might be justified with smaller kayaks, but fortunately, there are heavy duty kayaks that are … Read more

Best Life Vests For Kayaking 2022

By law, you’re required to wear a life jacket aka a Personal Floatation Device when you’re kayaking, or at least have it in the boat. This obviously protects you in the event some accident happens while you’re out on the water. However, not all life vests are made equal and you’ll find that life vests … Read more

Best Kayak Seats for 2022

While kayaks come in a huge range of shapes and sizes, they all have one factor in common; you have to sit in or on them. This makes the kayak seat arguably one of the most critical parts of the kayak. Its design and fit are responsible for the vast majority of your comfort and … Read more

Best Kayaks For Kids 2022

Being out on the water with a kayak is not only fun and relaxing but a great way to get your kids outdoors and away from those digital screens! The only problem might be finding the best kayak just for kids. I didn’t want to worry about my kids when they first started kayaking, which … Read more