Best Kayak Coolers For 2023

You’re getting ready for a day on the water. You’ve got your life jacket, your paddle, your sunscreen, and your lunch packed up. But you’ll be on the water for hours””how will you keep your food and sports drinks cool and refreshing? On sunny days, you will also have to deal with hot surfaces. The … Read more

Best Kayak GPS Watches 2024 – Buyer’s Guide And Reviews

Paper maps are not kayak friendly. The last thing you want to be doing as the weather turns and the wind starts to pick up is be struggling to find and read a map. Given this, GPS watches are the height of convenience.

Depending on which model you choose, you can set way points, track your position in real time, check your speed and heading, and even monitor your heart rate.

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Kayak Safety Tips For Beginners

Kayaking is a fantastic sport. It’s a great way to make new friends, stay fit, and explore amazing new landscapes. As with with any sport involving water, however, there are some risks. Sudden changes in wind and visibility can make for hazardous kayaking conditions; not checking the weather in advance or wearing the proper attire … Read more

What to Wear Kayaking? A Guide to Paddling in All Weather Conditions

Does wearing the right clothing when kayaking make that much of a difference? Should I be dressing to suit the weather conditions? Yes, it does make a real difference, and yes, you absolutely you should. Dressing appropriately can make or break your kayaking experience, either allowing you to have a great time out on your … Read more