How To Transport A Kayak On A Small Car?

Having a kayak is only as good as your ability to get it to the lakes, rivers, and other waterways that you want to paddle on. Without a proper vehicle to transport your kayak, you’ll be stuck doing circles or mastering your Eskimo rolls in your backyard pool. If you don’t want to spend all … Read more

7 Best Paddle Board And Kayak Combos Hybrid

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Entry & Exit From Kayak For Seniors

As we age, it becomes increasingly important that we choose sports that we can continue to participate in as our bodies change. Kayaking is definitely one of those sports, but it may require some adaptations as we grow older. For seniors, entering and exiting a kayak can be the roadblock that hinders us from continuing … Read more

How To Get In A Kayak From A Dock?

Launching your kayak from a dock is one of the best ways to avoid getting wet before you even start your paddle. But if you don’t know how to do it correctly, you can end up getting even wetter than if you just launched your kayak from shore. Whether you drive to a launching point … Read more

Modular Kayaks Reviews & Buyer Guide

Modular kayaks are a great alternative to traditional, one-piece kayaks because they’re much easier to transport. They also require significantly less storage space at home, which is why they’re great for those that live in apartments, RVs, travel trailers, and 5th wheels. In terms of direct competition, the closest designs you’ll find to modular kayaks … Read more

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How To Make A Trolling Motor Mount For A Kayak?

Unfortunately, not all of the best fishing kayaks are compatible with a pre-built trolling motor mount. And even if they are, those mounts can add to the already-expensive start-up costs that go into completing your setup for kayak fishing. While there are other reasons why you might install a trolling motor mount on the back … Read more