Tides Explained

If you are kayaking in the ocean then it will be very helpful for you to figure out what effect the tides will have on your trip. Tides can vary depending on the area you are in and what time of year it is. Unless you pay attention to these changes and plan accordingly, you … Read more

Currents Explained

Another thing that you need to watch out for if you’re going kayaking are ocean currents. Depending on where you are, they can either be a slight or a relatively important factor. You should always try to make sure that your trips will allow you to paddle with the current instead of against it, or … Read more

Latitude and longitude Explained

Latitude and longitude are the two sets of circles that we use to divide up the earth into sections. These are also one of the most reliable ways for us to determine location and how far we are going to go. The easiest way, of course, to determine latitude and longitude is to use a … Read more

How to Measure Direction and Distances

This is one thing that might be somewhat difficult to do if you are in a kayak, and in fact, determining how far you are from something while you are on the water will have to be learned through practice and experience. This is one reason why you should never kayak alone, especially if you … Read more