Best Kayaking Gloves 2024

Let’s face it, your hands take a beating while you’re kayaking out on the water. And whether you’re running rapids on an icy river or crisping your skin on a long summer paddle, you need to protect your hands from getting beaten up. If you don’t work with your hands for a living, and most … Read more

Best Kayak Spray Skirts

A spray skirt is an essential accessory on a kayaking adventure because it keeps you dry when paddling. And that is beside the protection it offers to the cockpit of your kayak by keeping water from the compartment. If you value your comfort while enjoying the thrills of kayaking, you will understand the importance of … Read more

Best Kayak Cockpit Covers For 2024

Leaving your kayak cockpit exposed isn’t wise””you would be amazed at what could enter an uncovered cockpit in your absence. You don’t want to end up sitting on insects or a pile of rubbish deposited in the compartment. This calls for a cockpit cover. A cockpit cover has other benefits which we will discuss later … Read more

Best Kayak Bimini Tops And Canopies 2024

Do you often go kayaking during the summer? If yes, then you know how uncomfortable it can be paddling under the intense heat of the sun. Many times, you just want to quit paddling and head home due to the heat. With a little research and the right canopy, you can extend your kayaking adventure … Read more