10 Best Inflatable Kayaks Under 500

It’s hard to argue against inflatable kayaks these days. With vast improvements in the ability of inflatables to hold higher air pressures, they’ve become a much more reliable and high-performing option for kayaking. Inflatable kayaks also have the added benefit of being super lightweight and easy to transport. This is why many travelers make the … Read more

How To Self Rescue In A Sea Kayak

Before you start planning longer paddle trips, you need to learn how to self-rescue in a sea kayak. This is a technique that can require quite a bit of on-water practice in order to master so that you can return to it when needed. We know that there can be great joy and reflection that … Read more

10 Best Single Kayaks With Child Seat

Getting into a single kayak with a child seat is a great way to introduce young kids to the joys of kayaking. Whether your kids are just along for the ride or you want to start teaching them basic paddle strokes, you’ll need the right kayak for the job. There is quite a bit of … Read more

How To Pack A Sea Kayak For Camping?

As you gain kayaking experience, it’s natural to become interested in long trips. Long-distance sea kayaking is a great way to unplug from our daily grind and experience some of the wildest and most remote coastal areas in the world. A quality kayak for camping will hold everything you need to be comfortable throughout your … Read more

Ultimate Sea Kayak Beginners Guide & Tips

Sea kayaking is an ancient past time for coastal dwelling communities. While many early humans relied on it as a means to fish for one of their main food sources, sea kayaking these days is much more recreational. This sport offers exceptional wildlife viewing and access to spots that you can only get to via … Read more