10 Best Sea Kayak Brands

If you live anywhere near the coast, the ocean is going to be your obvious go-to for your kayaking adventures. And if you don’t already have a kayak, getting to know the best sea kayak brands is a great place to start your search. One thing that all beginners should know is that different brands … Read more

How To Increase Weight Capacity of Kayak?

If we’re being honest, kayaks have maximum weight capacities for a very good reason. They exist to dissuade you from overloading your kayak to a point where it’s no longer maneuverable on the water. While we don’t want to encourage you to test their limits, it’s also important to know that most kayaks simply won’t … Read more

Best Kayak For Parent and Kid

For some people, kayaking is the only time they get to be alone and enjoy quiet and solitude. For others, it’s always important to have a special someone with which you can share your memorable experience on the water. As you grow, passing your love for kayaking along to your children often becomes more and … Read more

How To Kayak Fish?

Whether you’re familiar with recreational kayaking or you’re entirely new to the sport, there is a lot to think about when you’re making the transition from regular kayaking to kayak fishing. Learning how to kayak fish isn’t overly complicated but it can take some time to perfect your technique and maximize your efficiency on the … Read more

How To Build A Kayak

If you’re looking for a fun DIY project or you just don’t want to spend money on any old pre-made kayak, you can always investigate how to build a kayak of your own and doing so is a great way to customize your ride to your exact paddling preferences. As you might imagine, however, building … Read more

10 Best Inflatable Paddleboard For Beginners

The sport of paddleboarding has become wildly popular over the last several years and it’s a great way to get out on the water with your friends, family members, or significant other. The good news is that the best inflatable paddleboard for beginners doesn’t have to be super expensive. Nowadays, improvements in inflatable SUP technology … Read more

14 Best Kayak Roof Rack – 2021

If you’re relatively new to kayaking, you should know that there are many styles and designs of kayak roof racks out there and choosing the right one for your unique setup will require careful consideration. Fortunately for you, we’ve canvassed the market to bring you a collection of admirable candidates for the best kayak roof … Read more