Why Are Snowboards So Expensive?

Why Are Snowboards So Expensive

When you come to buy your own snowboard equipment for the first time, you may have quite a shock. You may have been lusting over snowboards ridden by pros, such as Travis Rice and Jamie Anderson. Pro riders are great adverts for snowboards, as people dream about emulating their tricks and big descents in fresh … Read more

Wakeboarding vs Water Skiing – Which Is Better?

Wakeboarding Vs Water Skiing - Which Is Better

Most people have limited time and funds, which prevents them from taking part in all the sports they want to do. Therefore, you may be contemplating which is better, wakeboarding vs. water skiing? In this post, we will go through the similarities and differences, so you can decide which one you want to take up. … Read more

10 Best Glue For Kayak Outfitting

Sometimes, kayaks will require repairs and alterations. Whether you need to make changes for personal reasons or larger repairs to make your kayak seaworthy again, you will need to know about the best glue for kayak outfitting. From sealing torn seams on one of the best inflatable kayaks to attaching new fishing rod holders on … Read more

15 Best Hunting Kayaks

Best hunting kayaks

When we talk about the best hunting kayaks, we are mainly referring to kayaks for hunting ducks, geese, and other waterfowl. That being said, rivers and lakes can be used to hunt all sorts of different species. The purpose of this guide today is to give you a lot of options for kayaks that will … Read more

10 Best Kayaks For Scuba Diving

If you like to dive but sometimes have trouble finding someone with a boat to take you out, you might consider picking up one of the best kayaks for scuba diving. These kayaks are stable, easy to climb in and out of, and have plenty of room for all of your dive gear.

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9 Best Inflatable Kayaks In Australia 2023

Best Inflatable Kayaks in Australia

We have focused a lot of time and energy on things like highlighting the best rivers to kayak in the United States and the kinds of river fishing kayaks you might like to use in those settings. Today, we are going to shift our focus nearly as far to the southeast (or southwest depending on … Read more

10 Best Cleaners For Plastic Kayaks

Best Cleaners For Plastic Kayaks

Many people don’t think much about cleaning their kayak between adventures. This is especially the case with plastic kayaks because many of them aren’t among the most expensive kayaks out there. Often, that translates to less care because they can be relatively easily replaced. For those of you that are interested in maintaining your kayak … Read more

Top Tips For Skiing In The Rain 2023

Sometimes you can arrive at a ski resort, and the weather is not favorable. But, you have been looking forward to your skiing trip for ages, and you still want to get out on the mountain. While the colder temperatures at high altitude ski resorts turn precipitation into snow, lower ski resorts are susceptible to … Read more

Ski Slope Levels – A Complete Guide

When you go skiing or snowboarding, you need to head for the slopes that suit your ability. If you are new to skiing and don’t know the ski slope levels of difficulty, you can get into trouble. The terrain all around ski resorts is made up of many hills and mountains. Their slopes face different … Read more

13 Different Types Of Kayak Hulls

Different Types of Kayak Hulls

The many different types of kayak hulls out there will significantly impact the performance of a kayak. If you are new to the sport, knowing more about those impacts will help you prepare for them and, ultimately, choose a kayak that fits your paddling style. From recreational kayaks for calm lake days to touring kayaks … Read more

10 Best Day Touring Kayaks

Best Day Touring Kayaks

There is quite possibly no better way to beat the summer heat than to get out on the lake for a full-day tour. To do that, you will need one of the best day touring kayaks so that you can pack everything you need. Day touring is a little different than preparing for long-distance kayak … Read more

How To Kayak Alone? Top Safety Tips

Personally, I always prefer if I can find a partner for my kayaking adventures. The reality, however, is that I often wind up pulling from my knowledge of how to kayak alone if nobody else wants to accompany me. Solo kayakers need to be a little bit more prepared and mindful than others. If something … Read more

15 Best Rivers To Kayak In The US

Best rivers to kayak in the US (1)

River kayaking is one of the best ways to explore a new city. From paddling right through metropolitan areas to exploring rural countrysides, there is a ton of variety on the 15 best rivers to kayak in the U.S. To be honest, this list holds an extra appeal to me because I love testing my … Read more

19 Best Luxury Ski Brands 2023

Best Luxury Ski Brands

Whether you are planning a skiing trip to Europe for a tour around the Alps or a winter weekend away in North Carolina, you will want to make sure you have the appropriate clothing for bitter mountain chills and some warmer sunny days. A vital aspect of having a successful ski trip involves choosing the … Read more

Nordic vs Alpine Skiing – Which Is Better?

Nordic Vs Alpine Skiing - Which Is Better?

Skiing is an extremely popular sport for people all over the world. It is a great way to get some exercise, see some incredible Alpine views and get an adrenaline kick. Skiing is not just a sport; it can be a whole lifestyle. There are many elements to skiing that attract people to it, but … Read more