Best Kayak Deck Bag: Buying Guide and Reviews

Having gear is an ever-present feature of kayaking as a hobby. You don’t have to carry a huge amount of stuff around on your kayak, but having your sunscreen, water, and first aid kit stored in your deck bag within easy reach helps to make the already amazing experience of kayaking that much better. Deck … Read more

Best Kayak Drysuit

If your kayaking adventure takes you out on cold water, then a good drysuit is exactly what you need to keep you warm and safe. Sudden immersion in cold water can have serious side effects and no one likes being cold and wet, particularly if the temperature is edging down below zero.Your drysuit solves this … Read more

Best Kayak Spray Skirts for 2020

A spray skirt is an essential accessory on a kayaking adventure because it keeps you dry when paddling. And that is beside the protection it offers to the cockpit of your kayak by keeping water from the compartment. If you value your comfort while enjoying the thrills of kayaking, you will understand the importance of … Read more

Best Kayaking Gloves of 2020

Let’s face it, your hands take a beating while you’re kayaking out on the water. And whether you’re running rapids on an icy river or crisping your skin on a long summer paddle, you need to protect your hands from getting beaten up. If you don’t work with your hands for a living, and most … Read more

Best Life Vests for Kayaking 2020

By law, you’re required to wear a life jacket aka a Personal Floatation Device when you’re kayaking, or at least have it in the boat. This obviously protects you in the event some accident happens while you’re out on the water. However, not all life vests are made equal and you’ll find that life vests … Read more

Best Wetsuit For Kayaking: Buying Guide and Reviews

One of the best parts of the wonderful hobby of kayaking is the fact that you get to experience nature. The waves, wind, and on occasion, the splash of rain are all part of what makes kayaking such an amazing experience. Sometimes, however, the climate, or the amount of time you’re spending on the water, … Read more