The Stern Rudder

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The stern rudder is an easy to learn form of steering your kayak.

The stern rudder is a quick way to turn your kayak. However, like all of the turning moves that require you to place your paddle in the water, it can have a dragging effect, and may slow you down considerably if you are not careful.

While this might not be such a big deal if you are just kayaking for fun, it might be a problem if you are in a race, or some other interesting situation while you’re out at sea. The stern rudder is also a good turn for people who are going to be whitewater kayaking.

First, you need to make sure that your kayak is moving in a forward motion before you can learn how to do this move. Then, you should start out as though you are going to do a reverse sweep stroke. However, instead of sweeping the paddle out and to the side to turn the kayak, you’ll end up keeping the paddle blade in the water near the stern of your boat. All you have to do to turn the boat is to use the paddle as a rudder at this point.

If you pull the kayak blade away from the back of your kayak, then you’ll turn toward the side where you have the paddle in the water. If you push the blade closer to your kayak, then you should turn in the opposite direction. This stroke is more powerful if you are pushing away from your kayak, so you should always perform the stern rudder on the side of the kayak that you want to turn toward.

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