Kayak Emergency Kit – Items To Bring When Kayaking

Most kayakers, whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned expert, dream of all the fun they’re going to have on the water. Kayaks give us unparalleled access to places that other watercraft just can’t access. As many experienced kayakers know, that extra freedom comes with added responsibility. A kayaker must be able to perform … Read more

Kayak Fishing Safety Tips & 10 Essential Pieces Of Safety Equipment

Just like any recreational sport, kayak fishing requires both skill and preparation. While most of your success out on the water will be dependent upon your fishing prowess, there are basic kayaking techniques you need to know as well. Most kayak fishing enthusiasts are anglers first and kayakers second. When things don’t quite go as … Read more

Kayaking In The Rain: Safety Concerns

Kayaking In The Rain: Safety Concerns

Kayaking in the rain can be pretty fun. There’s nothing like a cool breeze on your skin, light raindrops falling on your face, and the cloudy, gray skies that set the mood and put you in an introspective state while you paddle your kayak and enjoy the endless water all around you.

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