How to tie a Bowline on a Bight Knot

A bowline on a bight knot is useful if you ever need a loop in your line and neither of the free ends of the rope are available. This knot is typically used by climbers to create footing knots or bosom’s chair but can be used for kayaking as well. In most scenarios you run … Read more


Hypothermia is easily treatable but can be very dangerous. If you are ever going to be out in the wilderness overnight, especially if you are going to be around the water, you should make sure that you have a good understanding of what hypothermia is. It has been said that hypothermia is always treatable – … Read more

How to Tie a Sheet Bend Knot

The sheet bend knot is a great knot to quickly tie to ropes together. This kayaking knot can be an alternative to the double fisherman’s knot. Step 1: Double up the middle of one of your ropes. Step 2: Bring the end of the other rope underneath the loop and then around both sides of the loop. Step 3: Bring the … Read more