15 Best Kayak Hatch Covers 2023

Best kayak hatch covers

If you own a kayak with hatch covers hopefully you’ve never made the mistake of not securing a hatch cover all the way before transporting your kayak. I recently did this and was fortunate not to need to replace my old one with one of the best kayak hatch covers.

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10 Best Kayaks For Canals 2023

Best Kayaks for Canals

Canals are some of the most beginner-friendly places to kayak. They are controlled waterways that rarely deal with large waves, currents, tides, or even heavy winds.

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10 Best Kayaks For Bad Lower Back 2023

10 Best Kayaks For Bad Lower Back 2021

Lower back pain doesn’t have to keep you from enjoying kayaking. Even if your pain is a result of a chronic lower back injury, there are kayaks and kayak seats specifically made for bad lower back pain and injuries.

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15 Best Kayak Shorts 2023

15 Best Kayak Shorts 2021

Comfort is king when you are kayaking and that’s why you need a pair of the best kayak shorts. Most of these shorts have one major thing in common: they are not made of cotton. We feel that it is imperative to begin with a disclaimer that cotton should always be avoided when kayaking. It … Read more

15 Most Expensive Kayaks 2023

15 Most Expensive Kayaks 2021

If you are not worried about your budget, it makes sense to be aware of the most expensive kayaks on the market. Even if they are out of your budget, it does not hurt to dream from time to time. To be honest, many beginners will not be able to tell the difference before they … Read more