Kayaking In Hilton Head: Complete Guide

Hilton Head Island is a very popular beach community in South Carolina with lots of options for avid kayakers. In this complete guide to kayaking in Hilton Head, we’ll cover places to launch, the best places to paddle, and much more.

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Pelican vs Lifetime Kayak – Which is Better?

pelican vs lifetime kayak - which is better

Pelican and Lifetime are two of the leading brands when it comes to making lightweight, durable kayaks that are priced at a point that makes them super accessible for beginners. The debate over Pelican vs Lifetime Kayak and which is better, however, is worth some attention.

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15 Best Sea Kayaks In The UK

Ocean kayaking is a popular activity in many locations around the United Kingdom. Whether you intend on exploring the west coast of Scotland or heading out to the Isle of Man, you’ll need one of the best sea kayaks in the UK.

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15 Best Whitewater Kayak Brands

Best Whitewater Kayak Brands

Whitewater kayaking is one of the most extreme versions of kayaking and it requires the right safety equipment. To that end, it pays to trust your flotation on rushing rapids to a kayak from one of the best whitewater kayak brands.

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