Best Kayak Bilge Pumps

A bilge pump might not seem like a necessary part of your repertoire of kayaking accessories, but while it may not be as vital as your paddle or life jacket, it’s definitely something worth spending a few dollars on. Bilge pumps can save you a lot of hassle if your kayak takes on water. Whether … Read more

Best Kayak Spray Skirts

A spray skirt is an essential accessory on a kayaking adventure because it keeps you dry when paddling. And that is beside the protection it offers to the cockpit of your kayak by keeping water from the compartment. If you value your comfort while enjoying the thrills of kayaking, you will understand the importance of … Read more

Breeo vs Solo Stove – Which Is Better?

Let’s face it; having your family around is the most liberating feeling, especially when you have some time off from work. Creating an urban oasis at home with family lets you enjoy bonding time and fresh air around a bonfire.

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