Best Stand Up Kayaks Under $1000

Fishing from a kayak allows you to access more remote locations than you’d usually have access to from the shore or even a motorized watercraft. But because you’re sitting a bit lower in a kayak than you would be if you were on a boat or standing up on shore, visibility can sometimes be an … Read more

What Size Dry Bag To Use For Kayaking?

Every experienced kayaker should have an array of dry bags at his or her disposal. Even though many of the best sea kayaks have compartments that they claim to be waterproof, the only surefire way to keep your gear dry when you’re on the water is by storing it safely inside a dry bag. But … Read more

Best Cold Weather Kayak Gear List

Sometimes cold weather gives kayakers opportunities to enjoy their favorite waterways without dealing with the typical crowds. But paddling when the temperatures are close to freezing requires a lot more preparation (and layers!) than standard, warm-weather paddling. If you live in a location where it gets cold, rainy, or even snowy during the winter months, … Read more

8 Best Inflatable Kayaks For Ocean

Not all paddlers have the desire and the ability to carry around a heavy, rigid kayak everywhere they go. The difficulties of learning how to transport a kayak often come with many tough lessons for those that are new to the sport of kayaking. That’s precisely why inflatable kayaks have been invented and it’s also … Read more

How Far Can You Kayak In A Day?

Many beginners may start to ask themselves: how far can you kayak in a day? This question is natural once you fall in love with the sport of kayaking and you have full days off to explore new waterways in your area. But the answer to that question can be challenging to address definitely because … Read more