Best Stand Up Kayak Under $1000

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Fishing from a kayak allows you to access more remote locations than you’d usually have access to from the shore or even a motorized watercraft.

But because you’re sitting a bit lower in a kayak than you would be if you were on a boat or standing up on shore, visibility can sometimes be an issue.

That’s why some of the best fishing kayaks are wide enough to remain stable if anglers want to stand up inside of them.

The problem with many of these kayaks is that they can be quite expensive when compared to most other types of kayaks.

That’s why we’ve searched the Internet to help you identify the best stand up kayak under $1000 that suits your angling preferences.

Because we know that every angler is different, we’ve compiled a collection of several kayaks for you to choose from.

We’ll also provide useful guidelines to help you select the right kayak for you. So, without further adieu, let’s peruse a quick list of our choices for the best stand up kayak under $1000 on the market today!

Buying Guide

Before we review our selections for the best stand up kayak under $1,000, it’s important that you know more about how to select a kayak that will suit your stand up paddling or stand up fishing needs.

So let’s start with factors you should always consider before buying a stand up kayak.


A kayak’s width plays a major role in how stable it will be on the water. This is super important when it comes to a kayak that you’re planning to stand up in and, as a general rule, a wider kayak is going to provide more stability when you’re standing up in it.

The hard part is that most of the stand up kayaks out there are within just a few inches of each other when you compare width measurements.

So, you may find yourself pondering how much of a difference three to five inches will really make.

From our experience, you’ll do well if you choose a stand up kayak that is at least 30 inches in width. But, we’ve also found that kayakers with less experience should always try to choose a wider kayak than those that may be more comfortable with how a kayak rocks and bobs on the water.

Hull Design

In addition to width, hull design is the factor that has the most impact on a kayak’s stability while it’s moving and while it’s still in the water. When you look into hull design, you’ll find that some kayaks offer better primary stability and others offer better secondary stability, so we need to start by defining those terms before we move on.

Primary Stability

A kayak’s primary stability is a measure of how stable it is on flat water. Because most stand up kayakers paddle on flat water or waters with very small, gentle waves, this is the more important stability measurement for stand up kayaks.

Secondary Stability

A kayak’s secondary stability is a measurement of how well it can correct itself (without tipping) when it’s up on its side. While this is very useful on extremely rough waters, it’s usually less important for stand up kayakers.

In addition to primary and secondary stability, the depth and shape of a kayak’s hull will dictate its stability on the water.

There are actually many hull designs out there these days, but the main four are rounded, V-shaped, flat, and pontoon (or tunnel) hulls.

For the purposes of stand up kayaking, you’ll want to look for a kayak with a pontoon or tunnel-style hull. These hulls offer the greatest stability available among these four hull designs and they are also known to track decently when your kayak is in motion.

Add-Ons and Accessories

The final factor to consider is which add-ons and accessories that a given stand up kayak model comes with. If you intend to use your stand up kayak for fishing purposes, for example, you’ll probably want a design that comes with a few fishing rod holders and dry storage compartments.

In addition, you should consider whether this is your first kayak purchase or whether you already have a lot of the essential kayaking accessories that go along with the sport.

If you fall in the former category, you may want to look for a stand up kayak that comes with its own paddle or additional accessories that will help you round out your gear collection for a safer, more enjoyable stand up kayaking experience.

Lifetime Pro Angler 118 Fishing Kayak, Gator Camo
BOTE Deus Aero Inflatable Kayak & Stand Up Paddle Board with Accessories | Pump, Fin, Travel Bag (Native Teal)
Perception Kayaks Outlaw 11.5 | Sit on Top Fishing Kayak | Fold Away Lawn Chair Seat | 4 Rod Holders | Integrated Tackle Trays | 11' 6" | Moss Camo
Lifetime Pro Angler 118 Fishing Kayak, Gator Camo
BOTE Deus Aero Inflatable Kayak & Stand Up Paddle Board with Accessories | Pump, Fin, Travel Bag (Native Teal)
Perception Kayaks Outlaw 11.5 | Sit on Top Fishing Kayak | Fold Away Lawn Chair Seat | 4 Rod Holders | Integrated Tackle Trays | 11' 6" | Moss Camo
Lifetime Pro Angler 118 Fishing Kayak, Gator Camo
Lifetime Pro Angler 118 Fishing Kayak, Gator Camo
BOTE Deus Aero Inflatable Kayak & Stand Up Paddle Board with Accessories | Pump, Fin, Travel Bag (Native Teal)
BOTE Deus Aero Inflatable Kayak & Stand Up Paddle Board with Accessories | Pump, Fin, Travel Bag (Native Teal)
Perception Kayaks Outlaw 11.5 | Sit on Top Fishing Kayak | Fold Away Lawn Chair Seat | 4 Rod Holders | Integrated Tackle Trays | 11' 6" | Moss Camo
Perception Kayaks Outlaw 11.5 | Sit on Top Fishing Kayak | Fold Away Lawn Chair Seat | 4 Rod Holders | Integrated Tackle Trays | 11' 6" | Moss Camo

Best Stand Up Kayak Reviews

1. Emotion Stealth Pro Angler 118

Lifetime Pro Angler 118 Fishing Kayak, Gator Camo

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The Emotion Stealth Pro Angler comes in just below $1,000 and it comes in a cool gator camouflage color. This stand up kayak is 11’8” long and offers a wide design with a width measuring 32 inches.

This kayak boasts a maximum weight capacity of 375 pounds and it’s designed with an innovative combination hull for excellent stability.

This tunnel-style hull cuts through the water at the bow and then transitions to a deeper V-shaped design for great tracking.

It also features adjustable foot braces that accommodate adult paddlers of many different heights. And the deck of this kayak includes a channel draining system with a total of seven self-bailing scupper holes to keep water from accumulating in the cockpit.

When you’re not standing up in this kayak, you’ll be able to enjoy its super comfortable aluminum-framed kayak seat.

This seat is also adjustable to three different positions depending on your preference: high for optimal fishing visibility, low for superior paddling performance, and reclined for relaxing in the sunshine while you wait for fish to bite.

In order to help facilitate more of your stand up fishing desires, this kayak also boasts a total of six 12-inch sections of universal YakAttack GearTrac.

These sections allow you to attach additional fishing accessories and supplies that you want quick access to while you’re on the water.

The Emotional Stealth Pro Angler also boasts an oval-shaped hatch at the bow for dry gear storage and a large open storage deck at the stern. This stern deck is covered with bungee rigging to help you strap down your gear.

Finally, this is an excellent selection for new stand up kayak anglers because it also comes with two Flambeau fishing tackle boxes and two flush-mounted fishing rod holders that allow you to bring multiple rod and reel combinations and keep them at the ready when you want to change things up.

2. BOTE Deus Aero

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This is the only inflatable stand up kayak on our list for a good reason. It’s one of the few inflatable kayaks that is truly rigid enough for you to stand up stably without worrying about falling in or utilizing too much strength just to remain standing.

This is a truly innovative stand up kayak design because it features a higher deck than almost any other kayak on the market these days, and that’s true whether you’re looking through inflatable kayaks or perusing their hard-sided competition.

Additionally, the seat in this kayak can be removed entirely so that you can use it like a paddleboard instead of a kayak.

You’ll just need to purchase your choice of a SUP paddle or one of the best kayak paddles, depending on how you plan to predominantly use this kayak.

But even though it doesn’t come with its own paddle (which isn’t common for most of these stand up kayaks, by the way), it is one of the few kayaks on our list that does come with a host of additional accessories to help accommodate your paddling needs.

In addition to the inflatable stand up kayak, it comes with a hand pump, removable center fin, foot bar, repair kit, removable seat, and compact carry bag with roller wheels for easy storage and transportation.

Because this is an inflatable kayak, you won’t need as much storage space for it at your home or apartment when you’re not out paddling.

This makes it an ideal stand up kayak choice for travelers or those that don’t live in a large home with plenty of spots to store a hard-sided kayak outside or in the garage.

Getting back to the kayak itself, the Deus Aero measures 11 feet long and 33 inches wide when fully inflated. When deflated, this stand up kayak boasts dimensions of 39” by 18.5” by 13.5” and weighs an average of 41 pounds.

That makes it one of the lighter stand up kayaks on our list if you don’t want to exert too much effort moving or transporting your kayak.

But it still boasts a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds to allow for you and all of your gear to ride comfortably without weighing you down too much.

Additionally, this is one of the few inflatable kayaks on the market these days that features a self-draining cockpit, which is a super important feature to have when you consider the higher likelihood of capsizing or going for a swim that comes with a stand up kayak.

Finally, the Deus Aero features a swim-up deck at the stern that makes it much easier to re-enter the kayak if you do fall in. But that deck is also the ideal place for storing a cooler, strapping down a fishing tackle box, or mounting a trolling motor for effort-free propulsion.

3. Perception Kayaks Outlaw 11.5

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The Perception Kayaks Outlaw 11.5 stand up kayak features an extra grippy deck with padding to keep your feet comfortable.

As its name suggests, this is an 11’6” long kayak that also measures 35 inches across and boasts a maximum weight capacity of 425 pounds.

This added weight capacity makes this a great selection for larger adult anglers or those that like to load their kayak down with a lot of extra fishing gear.

The kayak itself, however, weighs about 77 pounds when empty, which means you might need to purchase a kayak cart to transport it more easily once you load it down.

That being said, it represents an excellent value at its price point and it also offers a degree of customization that many other stand-up kayaks simply can’t match. For starters, the seat in this kayak can be completely removed if you prefer to predominantly stand when you’re using it.

Once the seat is removed, you’ll also be able to add a cooler up to 35 liters in capacity for keeping your catches on ice as you continue your day.

Because of its placement, you’ll also be able to sit down on that cooler if you need to give your legs a break for a few minutes.

When the seat on this kayak is installed, however, it is raised a total of five inches off the cockpit for better fishing visibility and the design creates additional storage space under the seat for a small dry bag or thin tackle box.

The Outlaw 11.5 also features a lower deck height than most of Perception’s other stand up kayaks. This significantly lowers the likelihood of getting hooks snagged on the gunwales of your kayak as you’re casting.

Additionally, the hull of this kayak features a tunnel-style design that makes it extra stable for taller kayak anglers.

The skid plates on either edge of the hull are easily replaceable if they get worn out over time, which allows you to worry less about dragging your kayak over rougher surfaces.

When it comes to comfort and relaxation, there are also multiple molded-in trays and cup holders that allow you to keep beverages or other refreshments stored securely within reach.

A total of three solo mount recesses allow you to add additional holders for your fishing accessories.

Finally, the Outlaw 11.5 includes two double-barrel fishing rod holders that allow you to store up to four different rod and reel combinations while you’re paddling.

The stern of this kayak is built to accommodate a trolling motor mount and trolling motor if you don’t always want to paddle to your next fishing hole.

4. Pelican Sentinel 100X

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If you’re looking for a more compact kayak that will allow you to stand up to fish on smaller creeks or narrow rivers, the Pelican Sentinel 100X is a great choice.

This stand up kayak measures 9’6” long and offers a width that measures 30 inches across.

Because of its smaller dimensions, this kayak is best suited to smaller kayak anglers, but it’s also among the lightest rigid stand up kayaks on the market these days.

At just 44 pounds, smaller anglers will be able to move it around with significantly less effort than some of the larger stand up kayaks out there.

One thing that makes this kayak unique is its removable storage compartment at the stern. This compartment allows you to remove the interior storage bag to fill it in your vehicle and then transfer it into the kayak.

This can help you minimize the number of trips you make from your vehicle to the water’s edge before you can start paddling and it also provides dry storage for extra layers of fishing gear that can’t get wet.

In addition, the Sentinel 100X boasts an open storage area at the bow with a mesh cover over the top to keep your gear secure. It also has a central storage hatch with two cup holders on top to keep your preferred beverages secure.

When it comes to fishing-specific accessories, you’ll also be able to take advantage of two flush-mounted fishing rod holders and an additional two fishing rod tie-downs on this kayak.

It also comes equipped with two accessory eyelets to add your favorite fishing gear or other kayaking accessories.

Finally, the Pelican Sentinel 100X features dual paddle holders on either gunwale so that you can secure your paddle to free up your hands to handle your fishing rod.

It also comes with a drain plug that can easily be removed to drain any excess water that accumulates in the cockpit on windy, rainy, or wavy days.

5. Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100

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Those of you looking for a stand up kayak on a tight budget should consider the basic setup of the Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100.

This stand up kayak is a base model with minimal features but enough stability for smaller paddlers to stand up with comfort and stability.

Overall, it measures 10 feet in length and 31 inches in width. Sticking to our theme of compact kayaks at lighter weights, this kayak also weighs just 52 pounds, which makes it easier for smaller kayakers to carry or transport with little effort.

One useful feature of this stand up kayak is that it comes with its own kayak paddle. So, you’ll be able to further minimize expenses by purchasing an all-inclusive package that will get you on the water with minimal additional investments.

Turning our focus back to the kayak itself, it boasts a deep hull with tracking channels to help create a more stable ride while the kayak is in motion.

But when it’s still in the water, the added chine rails create more stability so that you can focus on fishing without worrying about falling in.

The Tamarack Angler also comes with two flush-mounted fishing rod holders and an additional swivel-mounted rod holder on the right-side gunwale. This allows you to set up one rod for trolling while actively fishing with another.

At the stern of the kayak, a large open storage compartment provides enough space for a fishing tackle box or cooler. But there’s also a small covered storage hatch in the stern for storing dry gear if you need it.

In addition to those two storage spaces, you’ll also be able to keep gear inside the second six-inch storage hatch in the kayak’s cockpit. This is a great place to store any snacks or essentials that you may need quick access to while you’re on the water.

Another small, open storage area at the bow of the kayak gives you room to secure a small dry bag or additional fishing gear if you need it.

That bow storage area includes bungee rigging so that you can ensure your gear stays on board throughout the duration of your paddle trips.

Finally, the Tamarack Angler offers multiple footrest positions for paddlers of differing heights and sizes.

It also boasts a maximum weight capacity of 275 pounds and it comes with a paddle park on one gunwale for easy paddle storage while your hands are busy with your fishing rod.

Our Pick – Perception Kayaks Outlaw 11.5

Our pick for the best stand up kayak under $1000 is the Perception Kayaks Outlaw 11.5 because it offers an extremely customizable kayak at a very reasonable price point.

Other kayaks might be cheaper, and some may have more features, but you’ll have trouble finding a better value amongst other stand up kayaks on the market today.

The one feature that really stands out with this kayak is the removable seat frame. While it boasts a super comfortable elevated seat if you want to take advantage of it, the entire seat frame can be removed to accommodate a fishing cooler or large tackle box.

That flexibility will allow you to either bring more gear along on your fishing adventures or keep more fish on ice once you’ve caught them.

Either way, it provides a degree of versatility that the other stand up kayaks on our list simply can’t match.

Finally, the Perception Kayaks Outlaw 11.5 comes with a total of four mounted rod holders and also allows you to attach a swivel-mount rod holder for trolling purposes.

So, it allows you to stay out for longer days because you’ll have the freedom to bring along multiple rod and reel combinations to continue fishing effectively as conditions change.

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