A Guide To Sea Kayaking With Dog

If you’ve ever spent time on the water, you’ve probably already seen at least one other paddler cruising around with their furry companion on board. Did you find yourself wondering how the heck they got their dog to sit still long enough to truly enjoy paddling? Well, the good news is that all dogs can … Read more

Best Inflatable Canoes 2023

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Pelican Catch 130 HD Review

There are lots of benefits to choosing a pedal-driven kayak for fishing applications. While you can always get an upper body workout by paddling normally, these kayaks allow you to propel your kayak forward while keeping your hands free to fish or handle bait and tackle. There are plenty of pedal-driven kayaks on the market … Read more

Malibu Two Ocean Kayak Review

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Pungo Kayak Reviews

Wilderness Systems is one of the most trusted and recognized kayak brands on the market these days. They manufacture a wide variety of kayaks for different types of paddling and their craftsmanship is top-notch. Their line of Pungo kayaks is perfect for everything from recreational paddling on flat water to long-distance touring on coastal waterways. … Read more

10 Best 10 Foot Kayaks

As you’re probably aware, kayaks come in many different shapes and sizes. But if you’re new to the sport, one of the best 10-foot kayaks will give you a solid, stable kayak to keep you dry while you perfect paddling techniques like forward paddling and stopping your kayak. Kayaks of this size provide a great … Read more

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Best Clear Kayaks With See Through Clear Bottom

Paddling on a clear lake or tropical ocean always begs the question: what’s underneath my kayak? And while the idea of the glass-bottom boat is nothing new, kayaks with a see-through clear bottom haven’t always been easily available. While these clear kayaks with see-through clear bottoms may not perform quite as well as some of … Read more

How To Kayak Without Knowing How To Swim

One of the best things about kayaking is that it’s one of only a few sports that can really be enjoyed by almost anyone. And while it might be a little scary at first, even non-swimmers can learn how to kayak without knowing how to swim. The good news about kayaking if you’re not comfortable … Read more