Kayaking On Lake Union: Complete Guide

Kayaking On Lake Union Complete Guide

Kayaking on Lake Union is one of the coolest kayaking experiences in the urban parts of the Pacific Northwest. It offers opportunities to see waterfront homes and houseboats and it’s easy to get to whether you live nearby or you’re just visiting.

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100 Funny Fishing Quotes

Funny Fishing Quotes

Spending a lot of time on a dock or out on the water gets boring even for the most avid angler. That’s why it helps to have a few jokes or funny sayings in your back pocket when you and your fishing buddy are hanging out.

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15 Best 80s & 90s Ski Movies

Best 80s & 90s ski movies

Ski movies have been an integral part of the mountain lifestyle for many years. Early filmmakers shot ski movies on low-quality cameras, but this didn’t take anything away from the epic scenery, creative storylines, and death-defying stunts.

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25 Best Kayak Gifts For Dad

Best Kayak Gifts For Dad

Whether you’re coming up on a holiday, birthday, anniversary, or you just want to surprise your Dad because he’s the greatest, you’ll love this extensive collection of the 25 best kayak gifts for Dad.

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