The Forward Sweep Stroke

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The forward sweep stroke will help you turn your kayak effectively.

While many new kayak models come with built in rudders, that is not the only, or the most effective way to turn your kayak. In fact, if you want your kayak to be as maneuverable as possible, you should practice strokes that will allow you to turn your kayak without using the rudder at all. Considering that it is always possible for something to go wrong with your rudder anyway, it’s important that you know how to turn your kayak.

One of the best moves for learning how to turn your kayak is the forward sweep stroke. This move will turn your kayak. Since it is a turning move, you should be working on the power of the move, and find out just how far it is capable of turning your kayak after just one forward stroke.

Therefore, you should start out learning the forward sweep stroke while sitting in one place in your kayak. You should be able to turn your kayak in circles relatively easily using this stroke. After you’ve learned the techniques that you need in order to do the forward sweep stroke, you should work on doing it while you are actually moving. After all, that is when you are more likely to need this move.

You should also consider that you will need more practice with the forward sweep stroke while moving than you would otherwise. With the extra practice, you’ll be able to figure out just how strongly you have to paddle in order to turn your kayak as far as you want to.

The forward sweep stroke is similar to regular forward paddling in that the paddle should enter the water near your feet. However, it is different in that instead of paddling straight back, you should sweep the paddle out in a wide arc that ends up pointing near the back of your kayak. This should turn your kayak – but make sure that you pull the paddle blade out of the water before you hit the back of your kayak.

Once you learn the forward sweep stroke, you’ll find that your ability to turn your kayak is improved immensely.

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