The Sculling Draw

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The sculling draw is another effective sideways kayaking move.

After you have learned the draw stroke, you may want to also learn the sculling draw. The primary uses for this kayak stroke are so that you can move the kayak sideways for more than just one short stroke. In fact, the sculling draw is the best way to move your kayak from side to side continuously instead of stopping after each major stroke.

The sculling draw is important to learn as it will help you to move your kayak sideways without much trouble. This is also one of the hardest strokes to learn, just like the draw stroke. Therefore, you should be careful to make sure that you practice the sculling draw so that you’ll be able to perform this move when you need it.

The first thing to remember when you are performing either the sculling draw or the draw stroke is that your kayak paddle should be as close to vertical as you can make it when you do the stroke. Something to keep in mind when you are learning and practicing the sculling draw is that there are a lot of differences that you can effect while you’re paddling just by making slight changes in the way that you are holding the paddle and what direction the blade is pointing in the water.

The best way to learn this is to spend some time experimenting with the sculling draw. You should also make sure that you only do it a few inches away from your kayak so that you will have the maximum sideways movement with your kayak. You should always remember to be careful not to hit your kayak with the paddle, however, so you should not try to do the sculling draw within about six inches of the side of your kayak.

Once you’ve learned the draw stroke and the sculling draw, you’ll be able to move your kayak from side to side and will be better able to align it to avoid obstacles.

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