Sculling For Support

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Sculling for support will keep you upright if your kayak is at rest.

Even though you will probably learn several other strokes and kayaking moves that will help you to maintain your upright posture in your kayak, the more support strokes you know, the better. Another method that you can use to support your kayak is called sculling for support. Essentially what this entails is using paddle movements on the surface of the water in order to prevent your kayak from capsizing.

First, you should make sure that you are using the front side of the paddle. While this might not seem too important at first, keep in mind that the reason you want to use this side of the paddle is that it will definitely give you more support while you are sculling. You should also keep in mind that sculling for support is really only effective if the kayak is not in motion – if you are having trouble with support while your kayak is moving, then there are several other moves that you should learn as well.

Put the paddle flat on the surface of the water, and then try sculling for support by moving it back and forth. This will give your kayak some support and is very useful if you’re in a situation with a lot of wind or high waves. You should make sure that you are holding the paddle shaft as close to the water as possible so that you don’t end up slicing into the water.

One thing to keep in mind is that even though it might seem like you need to scull quickly to make sure that you don’t capsize, sculling for support does not require fast, uncontrolled movements. In fact, sculling for support is much more successful when it is done with slow sweeping strokes.

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