Best Kayak Carrying Toggles

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Kayak carrying toggles make it far easier for you to carry your kayak when needed. If you’ve ever struggled to carry a large kayak around then you probably know the potential benefits of carrying toggles.

If you are planning on taking your kayak on long trips or over long distances carrying toggles can be very useful. If your kayak does not have carrying toggles, consider purchasing a set online.


Benefits of Kayak Carrying Toggles

Kayak carrying toggles don’t only make carrying your kayak convenient, they can also help protect your kayak while you’re transporting it. Let’s face it, the harder kayaks are to carry the more likely you are to drop them. A dropped kayak can result in damage to the hull. In extreme cases, you may even puncture it if you’re not careful. While this is less likely with a hard plastic kayak it’s still best not to drop your kayak often.

Kayak Carrying Toggles

There are really no disadvantages to having carrying toggles on your kayak. Unlike some of the other items that you can get on a kayak these are completely useful. Now you’ll be able to carry your kayak easily which means less time struggling  and more time actually enjoying yourself!

Installing Kayak Carrying Toggles

While most kayaks already come with carrying toggles, you may have to install your own. Carrying toggles are not too hard to install but you’ll need to make sure that you’re careful while doing so. Make sure that you do not accidentally do any damage to the hull! Essentially, you should  double-check yourself before doing anything that adds more holes to the hull.

Most used kayaks have carrying toggles that were either pre-installed or installed by the previous user.  You should check the toggles before buying, however, to make sure that they are still well attached to the kayak.


Kayak carrying toggles are a small and cheap addition to your kayak that can vastly improve your overall experience. They can help transport your kayak easily and help prevent damage to your kayak as well.

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