Best Kayak Foot Pegs

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Kayak foot pegs can provide paddling leverage  as well as a more comfortable kayaking experience. Although not essential for kayaking, kayak foot pegs can be a nice addition to your kayak.

Choosing the Right Foot Pegs for a Kayak

Before buying a kayak with foot pegs you make sure that they are suitable for your height. Foot pegs that are uncomfortable can ruin a kayaking experience. Always make sure that you will be comfortable inside of your kayak before purchasing foot pegs.

If you already own a kayak and plan on installing foot pegs, make sure that you know exactly where you want to install them. If you’re not certain that you’ll be able to, then consider purchase adjustable foot pegs so that you will always be able to fit into your kayak.

Adjustable Foot Pegs

One of the benefits of buying a set of sliding braces is that these braces will be adjustable. Therefore, people who are different heights will be able to use your kayak comfortably. Although these foot pegs are adjustable, installation is in a lot of ways permanent in that you will be anchoring it to the inside of your kayak.

If your kayak is going to be used by different people then you should make sure that the foot pegs are least adjustable. A kayak with adjustable foot pegs will be able to accommodate each individual comfortably. Even though these foot pegs are adjustable, however, installation is in a lot of ways permanent.

Most foot pegs are made from either plastic or metal but can also be found in other forms. Some companies even sell inflatable foot pegs. These foot pegs can be easily removed or deflated when unneeded. They can even be inflated while kayaking if you want to increase your paddling power.


The best way to choose the right foot pegs for your kayak paddle around for a bit! The chances of adjusting the foot pegs correctly the first time is slim. Once you do find the right setting be sure to mark down where the pegs were so you know where to set them the next time you kayak.

Lastly, try and feel out if the kayak’s foot pegs provide leverage and are comfortable. If not, consider shopping around for a new set.

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