10 Best Sit On Top Kayak Locks

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Most kayakers wish they spent more time in their boat. Some want to fish more. Some want to explore hidden gems around their home state. Others want to paddle out and nap while working on their tan.

Whatever your reason for wanting to spend more time in your kayak, you can probably agree that your kayak has to be available for you to spend more time in it.

Unfortunately, you can’t spend every waking (or sleeping) moment in your kayak. You need to find a safe and secure place to keep your boat when you’re not using it.

But you might not have the perfect shed or gear loft to keep your kayak hidden from wandering eyes until your next time out. If you store your kayak outside, you’ll need one of the best sit on top kayak locks to ensure it stays exactly where you choose to store it.

Sit on top kayaks are generally more attractive to potential thieves because they’re lighter and relatively easier to transport than many of their sit inside kayak counterparts.

In this article, we’re going to review ten of the best sit on top kayak locks that you can use to secure your vessel.

Best Sit On Top Kayak Locks

  • Trimax Combination Cable Lock
  • DocksLocks Coiled Combination Cable
  • Master Lock Python Adjustable Cable Lock
  • Suspenz Universal Kayak Locking System
  • Seattle Sports Boat Cradle Lock
  • Thule Cable Lock
  • Harmony Lasso Security Cable
  • DocksLocks SUP and Surfboard Lock
  • Yakima Boat Locker Security Cable
  • Lasso Kong Cable Tour Kayak Lock System

Kayak Lock Buyer’s Guide

A kayak lock is the best way to protect your kayak from theft. Moving a kayak safely is a chore in itself for any potential thief.

But a quality locking system creates an extra hurdle to turn away many wannabe kayak poachers. In fact, many of these “wannabes” will be turned away by the sight of the lock itself. In many cases, the appearance of security is enough to keep your kayak safe and secure.

That being said, why not find a sit on top kayak lock that is going to last? If you’re in a position where you need to lock your kayak on a frequent basis, you’ll want a lock that provides ample security.

If you move around a lot, you’ll need a lock that’s versatile so you can lock your kayak to various solid anchor points. And if you’re just getting into kayaking, you should consider how your interest will grow and change the type of kayaking you prefer in the future.

All of these scenarios represent considerations you should make before purchasing a kayak lock. Your preferences and intentions for the future of your kayaking “hobby” play a huge role in the type of kayak lock that’s right for you.

In this next section, we’ll cover several important criteria to help you select a kayak lock that meets your unique needs.

Locking Location

Whether it’s on top of a vehicle, under a covered porch outside your house, or alongside other kayaks on the beach, the setting where your kayak is stored plays a huge role in the lock you should select.

It’s important to consider where you’re going to lock your kayak. It’s equally as important to consider what you plan on locking it to!

For example, a support beam under your deck might be a perfect location to lock your kayak. But this will likely necessitate a longer cable than other locations.

Conversely, locking your kayak on top of your car might require a much shorter cable and different locking mechanism, depending on the style of your roof rack.

The location where you’ll primarily be storing your kayak should be the first priority when choosing a lock. But make sure to also consider alternate locations that you can also use to lock up your vessel.

This might be necessary when you’re traveling or trying out your kayak from a different beach at your local watering hole. So you’ll want to choose a lock that can adapt to keep your kayak secure in every location or scenario where you deem locking necessary.

Lock Materials

Most sit on top kayak locks involve a length of cable that is meant to be fed through the scupper holes of your kayak.

The scupper holes are the holes in the bottom of the kayak that allow water to drain out if it comes over the edges of the kayak.

When it comes to kayak lock materials, you’ll want a cable that’s thin enough to fit through these scupper holes.

Conversely, you’ll want to avoid the thinnest cable out there. A thinner cable is easier to cut, even if a potential thief doesn’t possess the best wire or bolt cutters on the market.

So the trick is to choose a cable that offers a nice middle ground in terms of thickness. Industry standard is somewhere between six and ten millimeters in thickness. Be sure to err on the side of thicker if you want a more secure lock.

In terms of the material itself, galvanized aircraft steel is commonly used in the best sit on top kayak locks. It is highly durable but also lightweight so that the cable isn’t burdensome when you’re moving it around.

Make sure the cable you choose also has a rubber, plastic, or vinyl coating so it’s less likely to cause damage to your vehicle, hands, or the anchor point to which you lock your kayak.

Lock Type

Next we are going to look at the locking mechanism itself. The two main types are combination locks and key locks. Most kayak locks feature one of the two locking mechanisms.

But some models offer both and they give you the flexibility to use one or the other, as well as to utilize both for added security. There are advantages and disadvantages to each type.

With a combination lock, the major advantage is the inability to “pick” the lock. But it also means that you won’t have a tiny set of keys to track down every time you want to open the lock.

On that note, however, you will have to remember the code that you set, which can become difficult when you’ve had the lock for a really long time!

On the other side, key locks are great because they take less time to open. Insert key, turn it, and drag your kayak down to the beach for a day on the water.

A kayak lock that requires a key to open also means that you won’t need to remember a random combination of letters or numbers.

However, you will need to keep track of those tiny keys and this locking mechanism is slightly easier to “pick” than a combination lock.

Lastly, there are a select number of sit on top kayak locks that offer a combination and key locking mechanism.

These provide the greatest level of security and they really don’t have a downside in terms of usability.

If you really need an exceptionally secure method to lock your kayak, be sure to search for a lock that comes with a key lock and a combination lock.

Cable Length

We touched on cable length briefly in the first section of this buyer’s guide, but it’s worth diving into a little deeper.

Most kayak locks aren’t much shorter than five feet in cable length, but longer options certainly exist. If you’re going to be locking up multiple sit on top kayaks, five feet is usually going to come up short.

A ten foot cable is a great starter length if you’re only locking up one kayak. It gives you extra length to adapt to new locking locations.

It also allows for expansion if you decide to purchase another kayak down the road. However, if you plan on greatly expanding your selection of paddle craft, you might want to opt for a cable length closer to fifteen or sixteen feet.

The only situation in which extra length doesn’t come in handy is if you primarily store and lock your kayak on a vehicle.

In this instance, extra slack in your cable can rub and/or bump against your car in the wind, causing damage.

Additionally, cable locks on a kayak rack should be used as a backup to the tie-down straps holding the kayak in place.

If those straps were to snap, you’d ideally want the cable lock to keep the kayak from flying completely off your car or dragging behind it.

Sit On Top Kayak Lock Reviews

1. Trimax Combination Cable Lock

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The Trimax Combination Cable Lock is a ten foot cable with a loop on one end. The other end features a four-digit combination lock. The 8-millimeter cable is made of braided steel and covered with vinyl for touch protection.

The combination lock is easily resettable if you forget your old combination. This cable also comes with a protective cover for the locking mechanism that will help to confuse potential thieves when they can’t even figure out where the lock is!

2. DocksLocks Coiled Combination Cable

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The DocksLocks Coiled Combination Cable is designed for easy storage when you’re not using it. It will automatically recoil to tuck away in a compact area. The ten foot cable is made of quality steel and coated with plastic for a friendlier grip.

The four-digit combination lock is small enough to fit through the scupper holes of a sit on top kayak and the lock itself can be set in seconds. It is also resettable if you forget to store your secret combination somewhere other than your brain!

3. Master Lock Python Adjustable Cable Lock

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The Master Lock Python Adjustable Cable Lock is an excellent choice if you’re not quite sure of the exact cable length you need.

It comes with a twelve-foot cable, but the locking mechanism can be adjusted for a tighter lock in smaller spaces. The adjustable Python system allows for an infinite number of locking positions.

The cable itself is made of 10-millimeter braided steel and covered with a protective vinyl coating. The locking mechanism requires a key and this system comes with two keys so that you immediately have a backup.

It also comes with a velcro strap that can be used to contain excess cable so that you can keep it more compact.

4. Suspenz Universal Kayak Locking System

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The Suspenz Universal Kayak Locking System is just that: a universal solution that can be used to lock up your sit on top kayak in a variety of situations. The small version of the lock is best suited for kayaks up to 14 feet in length. The large version is meant for kayaks longer than 14 feet.

This system features two independent cable lengths that wrap around the bow and stern of your kayak. Smaller loops on the ends of those cables are then attached together and around a central locking point.

It is a great kayak lock for use on top of a car, but the only drawback is that it doesn’t come with a combination or key locking mechanism. You’ll have to purchase your own lock separately.

5. Seattle Sports Boat Cradle Lock

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The Seattle Sports Cradle Lock is designed for large kayaks up to 18 feet in length. It is compatible with kayak cradle storage systems, car roof racks, wall storage mounts, and pretty much any other solid anchor point.

The cable in this locking system is a total of twenty feet in length. It is made of six-millimeter galvanized steel that’s wrapped in vinyl sheathing for grip protection.

The locking mechanism uses a round key for easy opening and the cradle lock system comes with two separate keys so that you instantly have one you can stash safely away as a backup!

6. Thule Cable Lock

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The Thule Cable Lock is a great option for locking up smaller sit on top kayaks. It is a six-foot braided steel cable with an exterior rubber coating. The shorter cable length means this lock will only work for a single kayak.

But it also makes it a great option for locking a kayak on top of your vehicle.

The cable is thin enough to fit through the scupper holes in the bottom of your boat and the coiled design makes it easy to store when not in use.

It features a one-key locking mechanism, so you better hold on to that one key or make a copy quickly.

This kayak lock also has a protective lock cover that helps keep sand and dirt from getting inside of the lock itself.

7. Harmony Lasso Security Cable

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The Harmony Lasso Security Cable is designed to secure your entire kayak in just a couple easy steps. It features a loop design that is unique and sure to cause extra confusion on the part of any would-be kayak thief.

The four-digit combination locking mechanism can be set (and reset) easily and the high-impact plastic used in the lock design helps to reduce damage and scratching.

This lock contains a galvanized steel aircraft cable that’s coated in vinyl. The vinyl coating helps to prevent corrosion and protect your hands from sharp cable ends.

The tamper-resistant barrel lock reduces the likelihood of an experienced thief picking the lock and the entire cable lock comes with a stuff sack so you can store it out of the way until you need it.

8. DocksLocks SUP And Surfboard Lock

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While it’s advertised as a SUP and surfboard lock, the DocksLocks lock works well for sit on top kayaks because it can adapt to a variety of locking locations.

The thin cable easily feeds through the scupper holes of your kayak and the resettable combination lock can programmed to the four-digit code of your choice.

The unique aspect of this lock is that it comes with a cleat for use in a surfboard fin track.

While you’ll be able to use this lock for your kayak without that cleat, it gives you the adaptability to lock up a kayak and SUP or surfboard without purchasing two different locks.

The ten-foot stainless steel cable provides plenty of length to lock up multiple boats and the rubber coating on the cable’s exterior ensures no damage to your kayak!

9. Yakima Boat Locker Security Cable

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The Yakima Boat Locker Security Cable is a super flexible kayak lock that can adapt to lock your boat up to almost any solid anchor point, including a tree, stairwell, patio furniture, or fence post.

Sometimes you have to get creative in where (and how) you lock up your kayak, and this security cable gives you plenty of room for creativity.

It is a ten-foot cable with enough flexibility to weave through your kayak’s scupper holes and around a hard point on the ground or the roof of your vehicle.

The locking mechanism uses a key for quick and easy entry and this lock is compatible with various Yakima roof mounts.

It also comes with an integrated PaddleCuff that helps you secure your paddle alongside your kayak when combined with Yakima MultiMounts!

10. Lasso Kong Cable Tour Kayak Lock System – Our Pick!

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The Lasso Kong Cable Tour Kayak Lock System offers versatility and durability. It’s great for locking your kayak to the top of your vehicle but can also be used to lock multiple kayaks together.

It can be secured via a combination or key lock (or both!), which gives you the ability to set multiple security measures in place to keep your kayak safe.

This kayak lock is sixteen feet in length and boasts a loop size of 47 inches. It’s made to both go around the bow (or stern) of your kayak as well as through the scupper holes before securing to a solid anchor point.

The cable itself is made of galvanized aircraft steel and coated with vinyl for a friendlier touch.

Our Pick – Lasso Kong Cable Tour Kayak Lock System

We saved the best for last on this one! We’ve picked the Lasso Kong Cable Tour Kayak Lock System as our top pick among the best sit on top kayak locks for several reasons.

First, it is an extremely adaptable kayak lock.

You can use it to lock up just one sit on top kayak or to lock multiple kayaks together.

If you ever upgrade your sit on top kayak to a sit inside variety, you won’t have to purchase a new lock because the Lasso Kong can adapt to lock sit inside kayaks as well.

The second reason for choosing this as our top pick is security. Most kayak locks choose one of two locking mechanisms for security.

Some are simply just a cable and you’ll then need to purchase a separate combination or key lock.

The Lasso Kong steps things up by offering a combination and key lock. You can use just one if you prefer one to the other.

Or you can put both security measures to make sure your kayak is extra protected from potential thieves.

The third reason why Lasso Kong is our top pick is what we’ll call “the visual effect.” When a potential thief walks up to a locked kayak, the thief is going to get a quick visual of how easy (or difficult) it’s going to be to pull off the heist.

The Lasso Kong has all the visual elements needed to give potential thieves that extra moment of pause that will cause many potential thieves to decide it’s not worth the hassle.

The final reasons we’ve chosen Lasso Kong are all the little things this lock includes.

They’ve thought of including a high-impact protective plastic coating on the exterior that functions to save your car (and your hands!) from scratches or damage.

And they’ve also included a sliding keyhole cover that keeps dirt, saltwater, and other debris out of the locking mechanism.

This is a big deal because it’s extremely frustrating when you can’t get a lock open (even though you have the right key or combination) because it has become jammed by sand or rusted out by saltwater.

So, in summary, our top pick for the best sit on top kayak lock is the Lasso Kong Cable Tour Kayak Lock System.

It has earned our top honors because of its versatility, security, its visual effect, and the inclusion of extra elements that many competitors neglect.

If you’re looking for a kayak lock that’s going to get the job done and last for years to come, be sure to check out the Lasso Kong Cable Tour Kayak Lock System!

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