The Bow Rudder

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The bow rudder is related to the bow/draw rudder, but it is slightly easier to perform.

If you have learned the bow/draw rudder, you may want to look into learning the bow rudder as well. This stroke is used for turning while you are moving in your kayak, just like the bow/draw.

However, this stroke is mostly used in whitewater, so if you are not planning on going whitewater kayaking, then you probably do not need to spend your time learning this kayaking technique.

This stroke is a little bit easier than the bow/draw rudder, however, as, after you have put the paddle into the water as you would with the bow/draw stroke, you just keep it in one position for the bow rudder. This will allow you to turn the kayak easily, but you will not have to worry about learning how you are expected to move the kayak blade in the water.

One thing you should keep in mind is that just like the stern rudder or the bow/draw rudder, if you leave the paddle in the water too long for the bow rudder, then you may end up slowing down your kayak considerably.

If you are using the bow rudder and you find that it is not helping you to turn your kayak quickly enough, don’t worry. It’s relatively easy to switch over to the bow/draw rudder instead. In order to make this switch, all you have to do is to start moving your kayak paddle toward your shins.

This stroke will speed up the turn that you are making with your kayak. The other thing to remember about the bow rudder is that the faster you are moving when you start, the more likely you’ll be able to pull off this kayaking stroke.

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