How to tie a Bowline on a Bight Knot

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A bowline on a bight knot is useful if you ever need a loop in your line and neither of the free ends of the rope are available. This knot is typically used by climbers to create footing knots or bosom’s chair but can be used for kayaking as well.

In most scenarios you run into while kayak the bowline knot will suffice. Still, it is always good to have multiple kayaking knots in your repertoire.

Step 1: Double the line and create a loop within the rope.

Step 2: Take the free end of the doubled up line and bring it back through the first loop.

Step 3: Separate the double line which will form a larger loop at the end of the rope.

Step 4: Bring this opening around the entire not as shown below:

Step 5: Pull the knot tight and you are ready to go!


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