How to Tie a Buntline Hitch Knot

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A buntline hitch knot is another useful kayaking knot to know how to tie. This knot can be used to tow another kayak and can also attach your kayak to a number of different objects such as a post or a rod. In fact it’s also the knot that is used to tie a business tie!

Step 1: Loop the end of the rope through the object youwant to attach to and then bring the end of the rope over the initial line that was fed through.

buntline hitch knot
buntline hitch knot

Step 2: Continue bringing the end of the rope back under the initial line then back over to form a loop around the initial line.

Step 3: Bring the line under and through the larger loop forming the final loop.

Step 4: Pull the line tight to secure the knot.

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