20 Best Indoor Kayak Storage

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What do you do when you don’t have much storage space at your house or apartment, but you just bought a shiny new kayak (or two)?

Storing a kayak indoors is always the best option to preserve and protect your boat from not only the elements, but also from unnecessary damage such as dents and scratches, or worse, holes and punctures. It’s also the best way to ensure security against theft.

However, storing a kayak indoors can be quite a challenge if you don’t have the extra space.

Oftentimes the bulkiness of a kayak is what deters us from purchasing one, and if we do own one, it’s an inconvenience to store it at a friend’s house who has more space. It can also get expensive to rent a storage unit just for our kayak and all the gear that goes along with paddling.

The point of owning a kayak, versus renting one every time we want to go paddling, is to be able to use it whenever we’d like. We want it there at our fingertips to throw on top of our car whenever the mood strikes us.

If you’re in a jam with limited space, have a look at the comprehensive list below. We’ve put together ten options for storing a kayak inside when extra space is not readily available.

1. Malone Storage Rack System

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This indoor kayak storage rack holds up to six industry standard-sized boats and has a 500-pound load capacity, which is more than enough for either fiberglass or rotomolded plastic kayaks.

Eight frame levelers are adjustable so you can offset the placement of your boats if you need to.

The rack is made up of four sets of padded holders that are made of steel, and two sets of foam stacker blocks. All of this padding means fewer accidental scratches on your precious kayak.

The entire rack is powder-coated, which means it’s tough and durable and the paint won’t chip, or at least it will take longer for the paint to chip.

This product also comes with a lifetime warranty, and one customer review claims that this rack is “fantastically strong and sturdy.” That’s saying a lot when you have six boats piled onto one storage rack.

2. Best Marine Kayak Storage Rack

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This is a bare-bones rack that is great for a single boat. It’s basically sawhorses, but with soft material that won’t scratch your kayak.

It has a 100-pound capacity and can be used as either storage or as a workstation for when you’re doing those inevitable fiberglass or other repairs.

With easy set up (just pop open and put your boat on it!) and great stability, these racks can also be used outside on uneven surfaces, such as gravel or grass.

The company boasts quality materials such as lightweight and rust-resistant aluminum, nylon straps, rubber padding, and stainless steel hardware.

Though this is a minimalist rack, it’s a great and affordable option for a wide variety of storage situations. The company also offers a money-back guarantee, so it’s well worth the purchase.

3. Store Your Board Kayak Ceiling Rack

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Don’t have the floor space for a kayak storage rack in your garage? How about mounting them overhead in that unused space?

This ceiling rack from Store Your Board is a great option for utilizing overhead space to store your boats. It has great ratings on Amazon and comes in at an affordable price as well.

Fitting two kayaks, this overhead mount is made of heavy-duty steel and will hold up to 150 pounds. It also comes in two sizes, large and extra-large, with five inches of difference on the support arms between the two sizes.

Taking advantage of the empty overhead space in your garage or small apartment is a utilitarian approach to keeping your kayaks close at hand. And the durable material of this overhead storage rack ensures that you won’t come home to find your kayak has fallen on the floor, or have it fall on your head.

4. Sudoo Kayak Wall Rack

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Sudoo makes this wall rack mount that fits one industry standard-sized kayak, up to 100 pounds, which is ideal for the paddler with a single boat.

It’s made from heavy-duty powder-coated steel that ensures durability and the arms of the rack can conveniently be folded to the side when your kayak isn’t in it. Saving space is always a good thing when you don’t have much of it to spare.

The cradles are rubber coated and have plastic end caps so your boat will be protected from scratches, dings, and dents. And it has smaller hooks below to safely store your paddle.

5. RAD Sportz Strap Hoist

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With a 55 pound capacity, this strap hoist will hold one industry standard-sized kayak and is a convenient way to get your boat up off the ground where it could be accidentally kicked or have something dropped on it.

It has quick-release buckles, so you won’t spend time struggling to hook up or unhook your boat. And it has a neat little spot for your paddle, too.

Customer reviews say that you still need two people to use this strap hoist system, one to hold the boat and one to hook up the straps.

Stainless steel eye bolts securely hold the straps in place to ensure the safety of your kayak.

6. Insight Kayak Rack

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Insight makes this heavy-duty steel storage rack that holds up to 180 pounds, or two industry standard-sized boats. The arms are wrapped in foam and nylon, so your kayak is protected from scratches and other damage.

Easily adjustable, this rack will fit a kayak of any length. A great feature of this product is that the feet of the rack can be replaced with castors (wheels), so the rack can be rolled. That’s very convenient if you keep this rack in a garage and need to wheel it out of the way occasionally.

Insight offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, offering to send you a full refund if you’re not happy with their product, “no questions asked”. Seems like a smart purchase to us, especially since you can send it back if you’re not happy with it.

7. RAD Sportz Hoist Lift

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RAD Sportz consistently gets great ratings on their kayak storage products, of which they have many different designs. This hoist lift is no exception. It’s easy to install and made with high quality materials that will withstand an abundance of use.

RAD claims that this is the “original hoist that all other companies are trying to copy”, and it seems to be true. There’s an overwhelming amount of hoist options for indoor kayak storage.

It can be used with indoor ceilings that are up to 12 feet high, but don’t worry – it has safety locking mechanisms that prevent accidental release. The straps are durable enough that you can feel comfortable parking your car under your hanging kayak, or standing under it.

It seems that RAD Sportz has hit a home run with this kayak storage ceiling hoist.

8. Malone Double Kayak Storage Sling

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This kayak storage sling system holds two boats safely up off the floor and away from foot traffic through your garage that may scuff or damage your kayaks.

It uses carabiners and D-rings in the closure system and offers extra wide strapping to ensure the safety of your boats. It also has a quick release system to make it easier to get your boats up and down.

Holding two boats, this storage system has a 135 pound capacity and has gotten great reviews on Amazon.

9. Wintek Indoor Hanging Hooks

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These hanging hooks from Wintek boast heavy duty materials, such as tubular steel and powder coating, which prevents rusting and paint chipping from continuous use.

Ideal for mounting on a garage wall, they come in a pack of four meant to hold two average sized kayaks (each set of hooks holds up to 50 pounds).

They’re easy to install and only require a drill and a screwdriver.

Wintek offers a 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee, refunding your money with no questions asked.

10. Surf To Summit Kayak Hanger Strap

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Surf to Summit offers this affordable kayak wall hanger strap that is two inches of heavy duty nylon. Ideal for hanging on the wall, these straps also have quick release side squeeze buckles to easily get your kayak down off the wall.

All the hardware is included in the package, but the company says that by using molly screws (very heavy duty screws) you can even mount these racks to a concrete wall.

Paddle hangers are also included in this set with adjustable Velcro loops.

11. Store Your Board Omni Rack

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The Omni rack from Store Your Board holds up to four kayaks and is ideal for your garage.

The rack is adjustable and therefore able to accommodate any size of kayak, including tandem and smaller whitewater boats. The company has a patent pending on this design.

Made of high quality materials, such as heavy duty steel and protective felt padding, this rack is a choice option for the person with multiple boats. It’s made to last, holds up to 400 pounds total (100 pounds per level), and will even hold paddleboards.

12. Mr. Hardware Kayak Wall Rack

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With a bearing capacity of 100 pounds, this hanging rack mounts easily on your wall and will hold one industry standard sized kayak.

Claiming long term corrosion resistance, these hooks are made of 1.5 mm rolled steel pipe and thick cotton to prevent unnecessary scratches and dings to your boat.

The arms of this wall mounted rack fold in when your kayak isn’t on them, and it’s able to accommodate other items such as snowboards and paddleboards.

Mr. Hardware offers a 100% money back guarantee, stating that they will replace or refund your purchase.

13. Sparehand Vertical Kayak Storage

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Hello, Space Saver!

A vertical kayak storage rack seems to be an invention of genius, and is an original design of Sparehand.

With a weight capacity of 250 pounds, it’s made to fit three kayaks or six paddleboards, all standing vertically. It even has holders for four paddles.

Easily assembled, and even more easily adjustable, this rack has safety lines to keep your boards or boats securely in place.

Sparehand is secure in their innovative design, and offers this product with a one year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

14. Log Kayak Rack Wooden Rack

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Not a fan of the metal kayak storage racks? This wooden rack, made of Northern White Cedar, is a great option if you’re going for a more aesthetically pleasing indoor kayak rack (though this one can also be used outdoors) to grace the porch of your cabin.

All three sections of this rack holds up to 100 pounds, which means it has a 300 pound total capacity, and also holds paddleboards and surfboards.

You can either leave this wooden rack as-is, or add your prefered color of stain to it to match its surroundings.

Made on the Upper Peninsula of Northern Michigan, this U.S.A. made product would be a pleasing and rustic looking addition to your lakeside cabin.

15. Yak-it-Up Hanging Storage Bracket

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Depending on what type of kayak you have, this hanging bracket might be a convenient option for you.

Meant to hang plastic rotomolded kayaks vertically along the wall, Yak-it-Up’s wall mounted brackets hook into the purposefully placed handhold at the bow or stern of your kayak.

You can also use two brackets and hang your kayak horizontally using rope and carabiners.

The kit comes with a heavy duty rope and carabiner meant for hanging life jackets, shoes, or paddles. Installation is easy with the two lag bolts that are also included.

Made in the U.S.A.

16. Extreme Max Folding Kayak Storage Brackets

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These folding wall brackets from Extreme Max are designed to make your kayak storage, and therefore your life, easier.

Made of heavy duty steel, the fold flush along the wall when your boat isn’t on them. It has thick foam padding to protect your kayak from dings and dents and comes with two straps to secure your boat to the rack.

It has a maximum capacity of 100 pounds, enough for one boat, and boasts powder coated steel meant to resist corrosion. It also has multi-use hooks below to store gear such as spray skirt or life jackets.

17. MSC Kayak Stand

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Another sawhorse type kayak stand that is easily set up indoors or outdoors.

MSC offers these convenient stands that serves a multitude of purposes. It can be used for storage for one boat (up to 100 pounds), or as a workstation for repairs.

Made of lightweight yet durable aluminum, these stands sit about 16 inches off the ground.

18. Magma Kayak Storage Rack

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Magma offers this extremely durable rack that is versatile and reliable.

Made of steel tubing with tough aluminum elbows, this rack is customizable, with straight arms for kayaks or curved arms for paddleboards sold separately. It also has built in foam padding that is UV resistant so it won’t degrade if you decide to put this rack outside.

It’s adjustable, and has stainless steel tie down points to secure your boats and boards.

This rack also has the added bonus of being compatible with flat surfaced docks so you can mount it right next to your power boat.

19. Rage Powersports Overhead Storage Hoist

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Rage Powersports offers this overhead storage hoist, which comes in a two pack, to utilize ceiling space to store your boats.

Made of powder coated steel, each hoist has a 100 pound weight capacity, strong enough for an industry standard sized kayak.
It uses a double pulley system with two 6 inch lashing straps and a strong hoist system, so you can feel safe parking your car under it, or storing other valuable equipment below.

It can also be used to store bicycles, paddleboards, ladders, and most anything else you feel the need to hang from the ceiling.

20. Festnight Kayak Wall Storage Strap

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This storage strap system from Festnight is probably the most affordable you’ll find on the market.

This product comes with two straps, both measuring just over 10 feet long, and is equipped with quick release buckles to make getting your kayak down easier.

Each strap is adjustable and has D rings for carabiners to hang your paddle, spray skirt, or other gear.

While a simple setup, these straps are a convenient gadget for getting your kayak up off the floor of the garage in order to clear more space, and protect your boat from damage.

This list is only twenty of a multitude of indoor kayak storage options available on the market. You’ll need to spend a good amount of time browsing and researching to find the option, or options, that will best fit your needs depending on how much space you have available to you.

Despite which type of indoor storage you decide to go with, keeping your boat inside, and up off the ground is always the best option for ensuring the longevity of the kayak you’ve invested in.

Some of these storage options offer money back guarantees, which is a great incentive to purchase their product and test them out. After a few uses, if you decide that particular storage system just isn’t for you, send it back, get a refund, and try the next option on your list.

As always, happy paddling.

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