10 Best Outdoor Kayak Storage Bags

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Not all of us have the benefit of living in a place where we can kayak year-round. If that’s you, it means you’ll need to take adequate precautions to protect your investment during the months that you’re not using it. 

Kayak storage isn’t overly complex. But it is important to be aware of certain storage recommendations that can vastly increase the lifespan of your kayak. 

A kayak storage bag is a great way to protect your kayak from the elements. It’s also a relatively inexpensive storage solution, especially if you store your kayak outside. 

In this article, we’ll highlight ten of the best outdoor kayak storage bags. We’ll also walk you through some of the most important things to consider so that you can make the best choice of a bag that suits your unique needs.

Jargon Buster

Kayak storage bags really aren’t all that complex. But in this section, we’ll explain some of the most common jargon that you’ll run into while you’re searching for the storage bag that’s perfect for you! 


The drawstring is what allows you to tighten the elastic on a kayak storage bag. This secures the bag around the bottom of your kayak and keeps it in place. 

There are several ways that a drawstring can be secured once it is pulled tight. There are roll and clip closures and spring stop closures, for starters. 

Some drawstrings are simply secured by tying them off once you’ve tightened your cover down. The drawstring is a critical element to keep your storage bag in place when heavy winds kick up. 


Beam is another term for the width of a kayak. In general, it can be said that a kayak’s beam dictates how stable or unstable it is once it’s in the water. 

When it comes to kayak storage bags, the beam is most important when you’re sizing up a given bag. Make sure the bag you choose can fit the measured beam of your specific kayak. 


‘UV’ is a common abbreviation for ultraviolet. The ultraviolet rays from the sun are one of the most devastating factors exerted on a kayak storage bag over time. 

Prolonged UV exposure can cause a storage bag to fade, crack, or even disintegrate completely. That’s why most useful bags are made of materials that boast UV-resistant properties. 

Stuff Sack

A stuff sack is a container that can be used to keep your storage bag in a compact place when you’re not using it. It provides an easy place to “stuff” a storage bag and it only requires a few moments to know your bag is safe and secure until you need it again. 

Buying Guide

There are a few important considerations to keep in mind while browsing through kayak storage bags. In this section, we’ll talk about finding a bag that is the right size and talk through the advantages and disadvantages of different bag materials. 

Length and Width

Accurate measurements of your kayak are essential to selecting the right kayak storage bag. You’ll want to know both length and width in order to select a bag that will thoroughly protect your kayak from the elements. 

It’s also best to leave a little extra ‘wiggle-room’ when it comes to selecting the right size storage bag. Not all storage bags will fit exactly as expected, so it can be good to select a bag that’s slightly on the larger size so you can be sure it’ll fit. 

That being said, too much extra material will give any snow or water that falls on your kayak a place to accumulate. Once you have a storage bag on your kayak, make sure to store it upside down or leaning on its side. 

This is especially important if you live in a location that receives heavy snow or rainfall during certain months of the year. If this is the case, you should consider storing your kayak in a covered area, in addition to wrapping it in a storage bag. 


One of the first technical terms you’ll want to be familiar with when evaluating storage bags is ‘denier’. Generally speaking, denier refers to the thickness of the individual threads used to create a fabric. 

A higher denier count usually means that the fabric is thicker and, therefore, more durable. However, the fabric itself plays a role, as well as any additional reinforcements added to that fabric. 

The main materials you’ll see when you look through the kayaks below are oxford, polyester, taffeta, and marine grade. We’ll take some time to illuminate each type of fabric here. 


Oxford is a very popular type of fabric used for many dress shirts. But thicker varieties are also used in bags, car covers, and, of course, kayak storage bags. 

Oxford fabrics with a thicker denier count achieve a balance between softness and durability. They’re generally soft enough to avoid scratching or damaging your kayak while maintaining the durability you need for outdoor kayak storage. 

Oxford fabrics can also be coated with urethane or polyurethane to achieve water-repellent properties. If Oxford fabric is used in a kayak storage bag, it should have a denier count of at least 200. 


Polyester is a very common material used in lower-priced kayak storage bags. It is a synthetic polymer that is reasonably durable and has chemical-resistant properties. 

The denier count of polyester can vary from 200 to 1,000, so all polyester storage bags aren’t necessarily created equal. One advantage of polyester is that it is easily washable. 

Polyester also resists shrinking or stretching. This is an extremely important characteristic when it comes to a storage bag that will be subject to heat changes over the course of many months. 

A final great property of polyester is its ability to dry very quickly. This is especially important if you plan to store a kayak in a region that receives a healthy amount of snow or rainfall on an annual basis. 

Taffeta Oxford

Most commonly, taffeta is made from a combination of silk, polyester, and acetate. It is actually a higher-end fabric that is often used in wedding gowns and pricey window dressings.

So, why would a fabric with this type of high-end potential be included in a kayak storage bag?

When combined with oxford fabric, taffeta brings a much smoother and softer finish to a kayak storage bag. This makes it more friendly on your hands and also allows for a shinier finish. 

Because taffeta is a more expensive fabric, however, this could raise the overall price of a kayak storage bag. In the long-term, however, taffeta also helps a storage bag resist shrinking or stretching when exposed to rain, snow, ice, or UV rays. 

Marine Grade

Marine-grade fabric is often used for boat seats, awnings, canopies, and storage covers. The ‘marine-grade’ distinction means that these fabrics are more resistant to moisture than their competitors. 

Marine-grade kayak storage bags are often made of polyester that has been treated with a UV stabilizer. This treatment is designed to extend the bag’s overall life, especially when it is regularly exposed to the elements. 

Marine-grade storage bags are also commonly coated with PVC, polyurethane, or other type of coating. These coatings increase the bag’s overall water resistance. 


Having a storage bag that is waterproof, or at least water-repellent, can be important. If you live in an area where your kayak is likely to be out in the rain or snow, this is only more essential. 

Polyester and taffeta oxford fabrics have both proven to retain their waterproofing properties over time. Fabrics that receive the ‘marine-grade’ distinction are also known to boast excellent waterproofing capabilities. 


A kayak storage bag is only as good as its method for staying in place. For starters, an elastic drawstring might be enough for storage areas that don’t receive a lot of wind. 

But if you plan to store your kayak in a place that can receive the occasional (or regular) heavy gust, you’ll want a storage bag that has multiple straps. These straps should be present in addition to an elastic drawstring. 

Multiple ways to secure a storage bag are also essential if you plan to transport your kayak while it’s still in the bag. A bag that only secures with a drawstring simply won’t stay in place if your kayak is strapped on top of your car while you’re driving 60 miles per hour down the highway. 

Outdoor Kayak Storage Bag Reviews

1. Richermall Waterproof UV Protector



Check Price on Amazon


This kayak storage bag is available in a wide range of sizes. You can select options that will fit kayaks from 7.8 feet to 18 feet in length. 

It is made with waterproof polyester material that is also resistant to UV damage. It features an elastic drawstring that allows you to snug the bag down once you have it wrapped around your kayak. 

The Richermall Kayak Storage Cover is easy to put on and take off your kayak. It will also keep it protected so that bugs, spiders, and other animals can’t crawl in and create a temporary home while you’re not using your kayak! 

2. Classic Accessories StormPro Heavy Duty



Check Price on Amazon


The storage bag from Classic Accessories is available in two sizes. You can select a storage bag for kayaks up to 12 feet long or kayaks that measure 12 to 16 feet in length. 

This bag is cut so that you will have extra room to store additional accessories along with your kayak. You’ll be able to store paddles, PFDs, and other gear along with your kayak and keep them protected from the elements too. 

It also comes with a stuff sack so that you can store the bag in a compact package when you’re not using it.

This kayak storage bag is made from an extra-durable 600-denier polyester that is PVC-free. This means it won’t stretch or shrink and it’s also waterproof, UV-resistant, and mildew-resistant. 

3. GYMTOP Waterproof



Check Price on Amazon


The GYMTOP Waterproof kayak storage bag is made of polyester. You can select from a number of sizes that will fit kayaks from 7.8 feet to 18 feet in length. 

It’s a light and durable storage bag that will also protect your kayak from damaging UV rays. It also has a roll and clip adjustable closure and an elastic pull string that makes it easy to secure in place. 

Whether you need to protect your kayak from sun, snow, rain, or dust, this is a great option. It’s easy to use as a quick cover for on-and-off use or a more long-term solution for off-season storage. 

4. Kohree Kayak Cover



Check Price on Amazon


The Kohree Kayak Cover is made of silver-coated, premium polyester oxford. This material is waterproof and better at resisting UV damage and other weather-related damage. 

This kayak storage bag is available in two different sizes. You can get it to fit kayaks from 10.7 to 11.4 feet or 11.8 to 13.1 feet in length.

This storage bag includes two straps in addition to a built-in elastic drawstring. The addition of the straps keeps the cover in place in high winds and keeps it from collapsing if rain or snow accumulates when you store your kayak face up.  

5. MAYMII Durable Kayak Cover



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The MAYMII kayak storage bag will keep your kayak safe wherever you store it. It’s made of 210-denier durable oxford taffeta material that is UV-resistant, waterproof, and anti-dust. 

The bag’s material is silky to the touch and has a glossy surface. It is also equipped with an elastic drawstring that makes it easy to slip onto your kayak and secure in place. 

This is a great kayak storage bag to protect your kayak from the elements and keep unwanted critters from nesting in it during the off-season. This bag is available for kayaks from 7.8 feet to 18 feet in length. 

6. Seamander Universal Kayak Cover



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The Seamander Universal Kayak Cover is machine-washable and durable enough to protect your kayak from rain, snow, ice, and dust. It has size options for kayaks from 7.8 to 18 feet in length. 

This is also a UV-resistant storage bag that’s easy to put on your kayak and secure with its roll and clip closure. It can be put on and taken off your kayak for regular storage or it can be a more permanent option for keeping your kayak protected in the off-season. 

The Seamander is made of oxford cloth and is a single-piece storage option. It is available in two colors: jungle camo and digital camo. 

7. Best Marine Kayak Cover



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The Best Marine Kayak Cover is made of water-repellent 210-denier oxford polyester. It’s resistant to UV damage and it’s also great to keep your kayak free from dust and debris. 

This kayak storage bag is available in a total of four sizes. These sizes will fit a wide range of kayaks from 8.5 feet to 16 feet in length.

This storage bag is equipped with a total of four wrap-around buckles and a drawstring bungee. This makes it easy to tighten down and secure in place so that wind and other elements don’t cause it to slip off your kayak. 

The Best Marine storage bag is made to create one of the most snug fits of any storage bag on our list. The combination of buckles and bungee string makes it a great option for storing kayaks in an area that regularly receives high winds. 

8. TacticalGear Kayak Cover




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The TacticalGear Kayak Cover is available for kayaks from 11.8 to 13 feet in length. It is made of blue oxford fabric with a silver UV reflecting coated layer. 

This combination of materials make this storage bag resistant to fading, cracking, or peeling that can sometimes occur with prolonged UV exposure. The bag is also waterproof and provides anti-dust protection. 

This storage bag is secured with an elastic string that’s easy to operate. This makes it easy to take this bag on and off if you’re using it for a temporary storage solution. 

The TacticalGear Cover is also large enough for you to store additional kayak accessories alongside your kayak. You’ll have room to keep your paddles, PFDs, and other gear safe from the elements along with your kayak. 

9.  iCOVER Kayak Cover



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This is a heavy-duty kayak storage solution that features a full-cut. This allows for extra room to store paddles, PFDs, and other kayak accessories alongside your kayak. 

The iCOVER Kayak Cover is available in three different sizes. You can purchase the right size to fit kayaks from 10 feet to 16 feet in length. 

It is made from 600-denier polyurethane-coated, marine-grade waterproof fabric that’s resistant to tears and UV damage. It is also easy to wash and the seams are sewn with reinforced stitches for added durability. 

This kayak storage bag is equipped with convenient strap handles at either end. These handles make it much easier to move your kayak around once the bag is on. 

The bag secures with a half-zipper for full kayak protection from the elements. It’s also great at keeping out unwanted critters that tend to identify a kayak in storage as a great place for a temporary home. 

The iCOVER also comes with its own storage bag that makes it easy to pack up and store when you’re not using it. It’s important to make sure your storage bag is completely dry before storing it so that it doesn’t accumulate mold or mildew. 

10. Danuu Deluxe Kayak Storage Cover



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The Danuu Deluxe Kayak Storage Cover is made of 100% polyester that has a water-resistant coating. This material is also resistant to UV damage when you store your kayak in the sun for long periods. 

The storage bag is double-stitched and the seams are reinforced for extra durability. It is also equipped with a built-in FlagBag that’s important for added visibility if you’re transporting your kayak in the back of a truck or on top of your car. 

This kayak storage bag secures with a total of four side-adjustment straps and a drawstring on the perimeter. This makes it one of the most secure kayak storage bags on our list. 

The Danuu also has additional V-loop tie-down points. These make it easier to secure your kayak when transporting it or hanging it in a covered outdoor kayak storage shed. 

Our Pick – iCOVER Kayak Cover

The iCOVER kayak cover is our top pick for the best outdoor kayak storage bag. At its price point, it provides many features that similarly-priced storage bags simply do not. 

This storage bag makes it easy to install on your kayak. Its half-zipper design makes it easy to slide your kayak in and simply zip it up to complete the process. 

It is also one of the only storage bags made of marine-grade fabric. This fabric features bar tacks at all stress points to make it more durable and tear-resistant. 

The iCOVER is also one of the only storage bags on our list that offers carry handles to make it easier to move your kayak around once the bag is in place. These handles are sewn in place to provide sturdy anchor points. 

It is also one of the only storage bags that clearly states its width. This is really important to make sure it will be wide enough to fit the exact type of kayak you are looking to store. 

Overall, this kayak storage bag has many of the features that premium kayak storage bags offer. And at its lower price point, it’s one of the best values out there!

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