30+ List Of Hobbies That Start with E

30+ List Of Hobbies That Start with E

Do you have loads of free time? Are you looking to develop a new hobby? Well, how about adding some fun to the process?

You might not have done this before but instead of finding any XYZ hobby, find one that starts with, let’s say, the letter “E”. I know it sounds bizarre to some but trust me I have friends doing similar sort of fun things.

To make it easier for you, I have researched and rounded up some of the best hobbies starting with the letter “E”. Just like any other hobby, these are perfect for creativity, learning, and personal growth.

Ensure you read to the end to find the right hobby for yourself.

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Hobbies That Start With “E” That You Can Explore


If you’re bothered about your weight and desire to stay fit, exercising can be one of your hobbies. You can either make it a habit to jog every morning or evening or register in a gym and work with a personal instructor to achieve your desired fitness result.

Exploring Localities

This hobby is for adventurous souls like me. You can visit new places, go hiking alone or with friends, visit museums, and discover other local attractions in your locality. Don’t be a couch potato!


Epicureanism simply means being devoted to pleasure and comfort. Some live up to this by visiting restaurants and exploring different tastes and flavors of food and wine.

Epistolary writing

This involves writing down your thoughts, feelings, or ideas in a book. I do this a lot and it’s extremely therapeutic. It helps you free your mind whenever your heart is heavy.

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Image by Andrea Piacquadio via Pexels

Easel painting

If you love art or painting, you can explore this hobby. Here, you’re painting using an easel and other mediums such as oil, acrylic, and watercolors.

Embellishment crafting

This is another hobby that starts with “E”. It involves creating decorative items with beads, sequins, or ribbons.


Equestrianism is a form of sport that involves riding horses. It comes in three categories: show jumping, dressage, and cross-country riding.

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Image by Frans van Heerden via Pexels

Exotic pet keeping

You can elevate your love for pets by keeping exotic pets such as reptiles, birds, or small mammals. However, make sure that you’re enlightened on how to keep such pets before getting them.


What better way to explore your creativity than creating crafts using recycled or eco-friendly materials? The best part is that you’re also promoting environmental sanitation alongside.

Escape room challenges

You can play this game with your friends where you solve puzzles and unravel mysteries together while immersing yourself in an escape room.

Edible gardening

If you’re a plant-man, that is, someone who loves and cherishes plants, then you can start a garden where you grow edibles such as herbs, fruits, vegetables, and other kinds of edible plants.

Endurance sports

This hobby will also help you stay healthy and fit but most especially, it tests your physical stamina and endurance level. Here, rather than the normal fitness routine, you’ll go for long-distance running, cycling, swimming, or triathlons.

Enameling Jewelry

You’ll love this hobby if you’re a jewelry lover. All you need to do is to fuse powdered glass on metal surfaces with high heat and create jewelry pieces from it.

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Image by Mike González via Pexels

Experimental photography

This is for photography lovers! You can take up your smartphone or camera and explore other creative and unconventional styles of photography such as light painting and double exposure.


For people who love traveling a lot, this is a great hobby to explore. Rather than traveling for the fun of it, the main motivation becomes the need to observe and admire nature and traditions prevailing in such natural areas.

Electronic gaming

Don’t miss out on this hobby if you enjoy playing video games either on consoles, computers, or with your smartphone! You can play alone to entertain yourself and kill boredom or compete with friends.


Engraving is another hobby that starts with “E”. It involves carving intricate designs or patterns on surfaces like wood, metal, or glass even. I enjoyed doing this with my best friend when we were younger.

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Image by cottonbro studio via Pexels


You’ll love this hobby if you love playing around with fabrics. During your free time, you can create decorative designs simply by stitching thread or yarn onto the fabric. I know this sounds so old school but you’ll have fun doing this and it’s a good way to while away time.

Eclectic collecting

As the name implies, this involves building a collection of items that you’re interested in. It could be coins, vintage toys, stamps, or even rare books.

Exfoliating skincare

This is one of the popular hobbies, especially for ladies. To keep your skin fresh and glowing, you use scrubs and other exfoliating products on your face every night or morning before you head out.

Ensemble singing

If you love singing, then this hobby is for you. Rather than singing alone in your bathroom, you can join your church choir or your community vocal group, harmonize with them and perform with different musical compositions.

Event Photography

Whenever you attend special occasions like wedding concerts or festivals, you should capture candid moments and document them.

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Image by Christina Morillo via Pexels

Educational podcasting

It could be that you’re knowledgeable in a subject and desirous to share it. You can create and share educational audio content covering those subjects you are passionate about.

Electric vehicle customization

For car lovers, what better way to have fun than modifying and customizing electric vehicles such as cars, or bicycles to either enhance their performance or aesthetics?

Ethnographic research

This is another fun activity you can do especially if you are curious to know about cultures different from yours. Start by studying and documenting other cultures, and traditions around the world.

Expressive dancing

This is for dancers! Whether at home or in a dance studio, you can express your emotions and unleash your creativity either through contemporary dance styles, ballet, or hip-hop.

Encaustic art

You can also call this a wax painting. It involves painting with molten wax to create textured and vibrant artwork.

Ebru art

This is Turkish art and is worth exploring. It’s a good time to use Turkish paper marbling to create colorful and intricate patterns on the water.

Estuary fishing

To clear your head or find clarity on something bothering you, you can always take a short trip to the river. You’ll enjoy the tranquility of fishing in rivers and coastal areas.

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Euphonium playing

Euphonium is a musical brass instrument that is known for producing a warm and mellow tone. In your free time, learn how to play the instrument.

Eggshell art

This is another unconventional art practice you can delve into. Here, you create delicate and intricate artwork using empty eggshells.

Experimental cooking

I have lots of friends who enjoy cooking. Once in a while, they usually go on YouTube or Instagram to find a recipe to try out. You can do the same if you love cooking – experiment with new ingredients and techniques and see what you will create.

Equestrian vaulting

Wouldn’t it be much fun combining gymnastics and horseback riding? That’s exactly what this hobby entails. You’re performing acrobatic moves on a moving horse!

Exhibition curation

If you’re an art lover, you can bring fellow artists together by curating and organizing exhibitions or displays to showcase their artworks, or other historical artifacts or thematic collections.

Electric guitar playing

You’ll love this hobby if you enjoy playing musical instruments. With an electric guitar, you can explore various music genres and styles and even compose your own music.

Image by carboxaldehyde via Pexels

Edible foraging

You can also choose to sit back and learn about wild edible plants and mushrooms while also harvesting them for culinary purposes.

Equine agility

This is another interesting hobby you should try out if you love horses. You can train them to navigate through obstacles and in so doing, foster their agility, trust, and communication with you.

Egyptian hieroglyphics

Egyptians have an interesting symbolic language. In your free time, you can study their ancient systems of writing to decipher and understand better.

Environmental activism

This is a beautiful way to draw up initiatives to keep the environment clean while also having fun. You can join advocacies aimed at promoting environmental awareness and sustainable practices.

Electronics tinkering

Why don’t you explore the electronics world by building and experimenting with different electronic devices and gadgets? Surely, you’ll enjoy doing this especially if you love electronics.

Ethical fashion

There are different ways to promote an eco-friendly environment and one of them is ethical fashion. It involves promoting sustainable and ethical practices in the fashion industry by creating eco-friendly and fair-trade clothing.

Image by Melvin Buezo via Pexels

Exploring caves

If you are on the outskirts of the city, delving into the fascinating world of caves to explore their geological formations and hidden wonders is not such a bad idea.

Espresso making

Another fun activity you can devote your time to learning is how to make espresso. You can experiment with different beans, grinding techniques, and latte art.

Essence blending

Do you know that now, you can create your own personalized scents either by blending essential oils, or exploring the world of aromatherapy and fragrance creation?

Enneagram exploration

You’ll love this hobby if you are desirous of learning more and understanding human behavior. Not only are you learning how humans behave but also gaining self-awareness in the process.

Evening stargazing

This is one of the most beautiful and sweet romantic things to do with a lover. Most nights, you can spend it outside observing the night sky and identifying constellations.

Image by Kendall Hoopes via Pexels

Earth art

For this hobby, you can use natural materials such as rocks, leaving, or branches to create temporary installations or artworks in outdoor spaces.


As you can see, there are a lot of hobbies that start with E waiting to be discovered. And it’s interesting how the world is filled with exciting experiences but only if we’re bold enough to leave our comfort zone.

Again, I absolutely know that it’s normal to fall back into a routine and stick to what we know but by doing that, you’re missing out on all the opportunities and possibilities that exist.

Try to get out of your comfort zone and do new things. There is a lot of growth and personal development you will unlock.  

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