List of Sports That Start With O

List of Sports That Start With O

Having an interest in at least one sport is highly recommended for your physical and mental well-being. Sports provide a good opportunity for quality bonding with family and friends too.

However, picking a sport that fits your schedule and preference can be challenging, especially when you have a lot of work commitments.

If you ever find free time and would like to fill that with a sport or two but don’t know where to begin your search, don’t worry. I’m here to make your work easier by listing some of the most exciting sports.

Or let’s give it a twist. How about exploring sports that start with the letter “O”?

Isn’t that a fun idea? Come on, let’s roll the dice and see what comes up!

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Sports That Start With O

Here are the most interesting sports that start with the letter O. Enjoy.

1. Open Water Swimming

Photo by sergio souza/Pexels

The first sport is open-water swimming, which can be done in natural bodies of water including lakes, rivers, and oceans. It is a stimulating and challenging activity, so only attempt it if you have the endurance for such.

But what makes this an outstanding sport to incorporate into your life is how it fosters your sense of connection to the natural world.

This sport doesn’t have strict rules either. So you don’t even have to take part in serious and strenuous contests; just being able to complete a set target is all you need.

Just ensure you adhere to the safety regulations because open water swimming can be dangerous.

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2. Ocean Rowing

Photo by Rachel Claire/Pexels

This is another water-related sport that can test your endurance. Just imagine yourself navigating the erratic ocean seas in a small rowing boat while facing the full force of the elements. Is that something that would scare or excite you?

The objective of ocean rowing is to cover as much distance between two points across an expansive stretch of an ocean. And you don’t need to be competitive.

However, this type of sport requires meticulous planning, preparation, and a thorough knowledge of the dynamics of the ocean for safety reasons. You don’t just wake up one day and decide to go rowing. And, more importantly, you should never go ocean rowing alone.

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3. Off-Road Racing

Photo by Brett Sayles/Pexels

Being good behind the wheel comes with perks, including the opportunity to participate in a sport like off-road racing.

It is a high-adrenaline motorsport that occurs on rough, unpaved terrain. Off-road racing is just as exciting as it is difficult because it pushes the driver and their vehicle to the limit.

But the trade-off is experiencing magnificent landscapes while cruising down rough roads. Imagine hurtling past hills at high speeds, leaving plumes of dust and smoke in your wake.

Who wouldn’t want to have this every weekend?

But as I already mentioned, you’ve got to be a good driver with an adequately fitted off-road car. So plan well in advance before participating in off-road racing.

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4. Orienteering

Photo by cottonbro studio/Pexels

This is the ultimate group sport that doesn’t need you to spend too much on expensive gear, perfect for bonding and fitness.

It’s a navigation game where participants use maps to find their way through unfamiliar terrain with the goal of being the first to reach a designated spot. This decision-making component gives the sport a tactical component. Navigators must weigh the trade-offs between speed and difficulty to perform at their best.

Another aspect of this game that makes it perfect is that even children can participate, which means it can be a good activity next time you go out for a picnic with your family and friends.

It’s already on my bucket list.

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5. Obstacle Course Racing

Photo by RUN 4 FFWPU/Pexels

Fitness enthusiasts will love this sport because it’s been designed to challenge people to tap into their energy reserves to overcome some of the most challenging obstacles while racing each other.

This sport combines a variety of activities into one, each getting harder as you proceed. Sometimes it involves a mud run, a fitness test, or an adventure race on rugged terrain with different obstacles.

These challenges could include tire carries, climbing walls, rope climbs, monkey bars, mud pits, and much more. The obstacles are designed purposefully to challenge you and offer a thrilling experience.

This is a team sport too, another significant advantage if you’re highly social. Give it a try and see how far you can go.

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6. Outrigger Canoeing

Photo by Alexandre Weiss/Pexels

In outrigger canoeing, groups of paddlers cooperate to maneuver a slender, streamlined vessel known as an outrigger canoe. A smaller outrigger or float attached to the side of the canoe offers stability and balance.

This design makes it possible to glide over the water effectively and smoothly, which makes the experience exciting and fun.

The sport can be played on rivers, lakes, oceans, or any large water body. In competitive versions of this sport, winners are determined by how fast they cover a distance or the average time they take to hit specific checkpoints.

Fortunately, the sport can also be a recreational activity, perfect for those who want to have fun without straining too much.

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7. Outdoor Track and Field

Photo by Vlad Vasnetsov/Pexels

This sport involves track and field activities like sprinting, marathons, or jumping; the type of stuff you see in major events like the Olympics. However, they’re not limited to highly competitive events. You can participate in marathons for a cause, as an amateur athlete, or simply to stay fit.

Like most other sports here, the objective is to perform as well as possible in particular events. If you’re highly competitive, this will fit you perfectly.

The other advantage is that it doesn’t require much of an investment. Simply get yourself running shoes and clothes, and you’re good to go.

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8. Obstacle Golf

Photo by Einbeck Tourismus/Pexels

This miniature version of golf is played on a small course with many obstacles. The player earns points by putting the ball into the hole while evading said obstacles.

Compared to other sports like open sea swimming, this doesn’t take too much physical energy but requires a good amount of strategy.

So it’s the perfect sport to play after a long day at work, and you can either play it solo or with friends and family members.

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9. Oil Wrestling

Photo by Aqib Shahid/Pexels

Yes, this sport is exactly what you are imagining right now. The ancient sport of oil wrestling, often called grease or Turkish wrestling, mixes physical prowess, cunning, and tradition.

It’s a sport that should interest you if you don’t mind doing unconventional things. It goes without saying that while this can be a recreational sport, you’ll need to be well-built for it.

Get regular exercise, eat your protein, and hydrate properly and if you find someone crazy enough to indulge you in oil wrestling, have as much fun as possible.

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10. Off-Road Triathlon

Photo by RUN 4 FFWPU/Pexels

This is another off-road sport for people who don’t mind breaking a serious sweat every once in a while.

Unlike regular running activities, a triathlon is very taxing on the body because it involves swimming, trail running, and mountain biking through some of the most unforgiving terrain known to man.

They usually start with a swimming segment through an open water body like a lake or a river. This is then followed by mountain biking on unpaved roads and, finally, trail running.

This is not the sport you participate in on a whim because you’re bored; you must be adequately prepared. But you get to experience the fresh air and a level of physical fitness not accorded by any other sport.

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11. Oar Boarding

Photo by Marik Elikishvili/Pexels

Oar boarding combines stand-up paddleboarding and rowing skills to provide a distinctive and fun water activity. It’s mostly a one-man-sport, and it is less taxing than ocean rowing or outrigger canoeing.

It takes place primarily on lakes and oceans with waves, making it ideal for people who love being in the water.

But like all the water sports we’ve covered, safety is paramount. So ensure you have the right gear for boarding and know how to swim because drowning is always a potential concern.

12. Offshore Powerboat Racing

Photo by Rohit Kumar Allaparthi/Pexels

Now this is an expensive sport, and unless you’re the child of a hedge fund manager, you may want to just spectate from a safe distance.

Offshore Powerboat Racing is an exhilarating water sport that mixes dramatic offshore obstacles with high-speed boat racing. It is an activity that displays the prowess, expertise, and accuracy of both the drivers and their boats.

Specially constructed powerboats built for speed and endurance are used for this sport, and they can cost between $100,000 to $1M.

These boats have sleek hull designs and powerful motors to maximize performance on the water. So if high-speed machines make you dizzy, this sport may not be for you.

You must also be a certified speedboat driver because an accident from such high-powered machines never ends well.

13. Oina

Photo by Christopher Gaines/Pexels

For those who want to try something unique, you’ll fit right in with Oina.

Oina is a traditional team sport originating in Romania that resembles baseball. The game uses a unique ball called a “point,” shaped and sized like a baseball or softball.

And just like baseball or softball, the game’s main objective is to earn points for one team by hitting the ball and successfully moving runners around a set of bases as fast as possible.

There are some elements of strategy, but it is primarily a physical game so you can get in some good exercise with a few swings alongside your friends or family members.

14. Over-The-Line

Source: San Diego Tribune

This game originated in Southern California and involves the use of balls and bats like baseball, but this is more fast-paced with a slight twist to the rules.

The game pits two teams of three players each. Points are earned by striking the ball “over the line” and away from the fielders of the opposition team. The game is played on sandy beaches or a designated field shaped like a triangle.

Over The Line is an excellent recreational sport perfect for a quiet holiday where you get together with your friends to make the most of the summer. It’s not as demanding as other options on this list.

15. Outlaw Kart Racing

Photo by Stacey/Pexels

Outlaw Kart Racing is a thrilling form of motorsports that uses open-wheel, smaller cars called outlaw karts.

These karts resemble go-karts but are more powerful and built for speed and agility, and on top of all that, they can run on dirt tracks without issues.

If you find motorsport racing entertaining, then participating in this would give you an experience like no other. Outlaw Kart Racing uses short oval tracks made of clay and dirt, with the total length of the track barely going past the mile mark.

Since the karts pack more power and speed, they come fitted with a roll cage and a tubular chassis for extra protection. So this means it’s not a cheap sport, but that’s nothing compared to the adrenaline rush you get in return.

And, like any other sport involving speed, ensure you always follow these kart racing safety guidelines to avoid injury.

16. Octopush

Source: Moreton Bay

Octopush is what they call underwater hockey in the United Kingdom, and this is not a sport for the faint-hearted.

Picture this, players wearing snorkels, fins, and masks battling it underwater with a small stick to control a weighted pluck inside a swimming pool. Interesting, right?

The goal of this intense game is for players to maneuver the puck across the floor of the swimming pool and score against their opponents while evading tackles.

But what makes this game a muscle-draining activity is that you have to fight against the pressure of the water around you. If you have tried running underwater, then you understand just how challenging this game is.

But that’s the beauty of it. By the time you’re done playing Octopush, the only thing on your mind would be to find a bed to rest from such a heavy workout. You need to know how to swim to play this game, though.

17. One-Wall Handball

Source: Wikipedia

If you’ve played squash, handball, or racquetball, then One-Wall Handball won’t be so hard for you because it combines elements of those three games. This lively and intense game may be enjoyed both competitively and recreationally.

It is played with a little rubber ball against one wall, and the players must have quick reflexes to go after the ball to ensure it doesn’t touch the ground when it’s their time to hit it.

The game is on a rectangular court with a single wall at one end. Players strike the ball against the wall to force a hard bounce that is too fast for the opponent to return.

You’ll have to rely on strategy as much as you need agility for this game. A team of players can also play the sport; you only need the right gear, which isn’t very expensive.

18. Outdoor Bowling

Photo by RDNE Stock project/Pexels

I was just as surprised as you are when I learned that outdoor bowling is a thing. Outdoor bowling, also called lawn bowling, is a leisurely activity that blends accuracy, strategy, and a hint of friendly competitiveness. It is played on a bowling green, well-kept grass, or a synthetic surface.

Since it’s played outside on a less smooth surface, hitting the pins is harder than the indoor one. You have to account for things like the wind, which can affect the speed and direction of the balls.

Players take turns to go after the pins, just like regular bowling, and the person or team with the closest ball wins the game. This is a summer game, so ensure you’re dressed for the sun if you choose to try your luck at outdoor bowling.

19. Off-Piste Skiing

Photo by Anna Shvets/Pexels

The main difference between Off-Piste Skiing and regular skiing is that the former is off-trail, making it more complex and dangerous. Therefore, you’d have to be a serious daredevil to try this.

Also called backcountry skiing, this sport offers a thrilling experience for adventurous people chasing an adrenaline rush. Off-Piste skiers typically utilize specialized gear, such as broader, more maneuverable skis, backcountry-specific bindings, and boots.

They also wear more protective clothing than regular skiers to limit injuries in case of an accident. Other safety gear you can use includes avalanche beacons, probes, and shovels, all meant to lessen the risks of skiing in uncontrolled conditions. It’s not a cheap sport.

Be sure to check out these off-piste skiing safety guidelines to minimize accidents.

20. Outdoor Archery

Photo by Kampus Production/Pexels

Finally, outdoor archery is the last sport that starts with O on our list.

Outdoor archery is an exciting sport that combines accuracy, focus, and talent. It involves shooting targets put up outside at gradually increasing distances using a bow and arrows. This sport offers a good way of exercising your hands and fingers to improve accuracy.

You don’t need to be a professional archer to try this game; as long as you have basic handling of bows and arrows under your belt, you can take part in it with your friends.

However, there are archery safety guidelines you need to adhere to so that you don’t end up injuring yourself or accidentally shooting someone else. Overall, it’s an inexpensive game.

Ready To Try Out a Sport?

There you have it, a detailed breakdown of all the fascinating sports that start with O. As you can see, some are pretty easy, while some may be beyond the affordable range of most people.

Go for open-water swimming or off-road triathlon if you want to push yourself to the limit and get a proper workout in. On the other hand, orienteering and obstacle golf would be ideal if you want something laid back and just for fun.

Whatever sport you choose, make sure you enjoy yourself while following all safety guidelines.

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