List Of Sports That Start With Z

List Of Sports That Start With Z

When it comes to entertainment, many people admit that few things can compare to sports. However, only a handful of people can name a sport that starts with the letter Z.

Due to a lack of knowledge, only a few people ever get to participate in such sports. It is important to note that sports that start with Z can be as entertaining and beneficial as any other.

Benefits of Sports

One of the main benefits of sports is that they can help improve overall health. In most cases, physical sports help in developing strong bones and muscles, and this ultimately leads to a stronger immune system.

Strategy sports on the other hand help improve problem-solving abilities and boost critical thinking. Sports can also be a great way to build relationships and discover new talent.

With that in mind, we have prepared a comprehensive list of the best sports that start with Z so you can browse through and possibly pick out one or two for yourself and friends or loved ones. Read on.

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Sports That Start with Z

1. Zorb Football

Image by Active Giggles

Zorb Football, which is also referred to as bubble football or bubble soccer is one of the sports that is growing in popularity across the world. People of all ages and genders can play it.

The game has almost similar rules to traditional soccer. However, players are encased inside a bubble-like ball so that their upper torso is covered while their legs are free to move around. Zorb football can be played as a recreational and competitive sport.

The game can take place both indoors and outdoors as long as the field is large enough to accommodate the large zorb bubbles. In the game, each side is required to have five participants.

Of course, there is also the option of substituting players out who are tired or injured. Zorb football’s rules are similar to those in traditional soccer, and therefore, the team that scores the most goals wins.

The sport originated in Norway but is now widespread in a number of countries including the United States, the UK, and New Zealand.

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2. Ziplining

Image by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 

Another popular sport that starts with Z is Ziplining. The sport includes a pulley known as a zipline and a flying fox attached to a stainless steel cable.

The main idea is to fasten a participant or zipper onto the flying fox and then let them slide down on the cable. The cable is often tied across a vast area on a slope. The main purpose of this sport is to get an adrenaline rush and possibly have a view of the surrounding area from a bird’s point of view.

That is why the sport often takes place in mountains, forests, and other natural surroundings. One of the things that make the sport unique is that participants are not required to compete against each other. However, individuals may decide to create a challenge to see who gets to the end of the line faster.

Keep in mind that the speed of a zipper through the cable depends on the weight of the individual and the force of the push from the starting point.

The slope elevation can also play a role in determining speed. Ziplining is a sport that was designed to mimic traditional modes of transportation that involved ropeways and aerial cables for shipping things up or down sloped regions.

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3. Zui Quan

Image from South China Morning Post 

As you may have deduced already, Zui Quan is a Chinese phrase that translates to drunken boxing. This sport encapsulates a variety of Chinese martial arts. However, it gets its distinction from the fact that most hand movements imitate those of a drunkard.

That is why the sport is also nicknamed ”˜drunken fist.’ Some of the techniques you can expect to find in this sport include grappling, hitting, punching, locking, and dodging.

The sport is meant to improve physical fitness and also help participants to relax. It can be both recreational and competitive. A lot of people who enjoy the sport love it because of the artistic nature of movements when combatants engage.

In most cases, those who emerge victorious are the ones that land unexpected blows or attacks on opponents. The sport may sometimes incorporate dummy weapons like flutes, spears, gourd bottles, and sabers. Zui Quan has its origin in China and can be a good choice for anyone that enjoys martial arts.

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4. Zen Bu Kan Kempo

Image from Gyere Sportolni

Zen Bu Kan Kempo is another sport that starts with the letter Z. It incorporates elements of karate and other types of martial arts. When attending a class of Zen Bu Kan Kempo, you’ll often hear teachings that are similar to those of karate.

These may include things like humility, peace of mind, and confidence. The goal of this sport is to ensure that participants enjoy physical and mental health. Unlike certain martial arts that are aimed at promoting physical fitness only, Zen Bu Kan Kempo seeks to equip participants with the necessary skills for self-defense.

That means in case you get into real trouble, you can use your skills to protect yourself or your loved ones. Some of the techniques you can learn when engaging in this sport include throwing, kicking, punching, chokeholds, and barehand defense.

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5. Zourkhaneh

Image from Youtube @Hami B

Next on this list of sports that start with Z is Zourkhaneh which can sometimes be referred to as Pahlevani. This sport incorporates a variety of traditional martial arts and athletics.

It is recognized as one of the oldest strength conditioning systems in the world. Participants in the sport often go through a series of martial arts lessons, strength training, music sessions, and calisthenics.

While training, participants usually go into a dome-shaped structure and then engage opponents through gymnastic-style movements and grappling combat techniques.

Participants are free to use items such as a push-up board, a Persian club, and a shield. The sport traces its roots to Persia which is presently Iran. Warriors from the region often used Zourkhaneh techniques to train and prepare themselves to defend their land.

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6. Zorbing

Image by ZORB Rotorua

Zorbing is another exciting sport that starts with Z. Like its counterpart Zorb football, the sport requires participants to enter into a zorbing ball which is basically a large inflatable ball made of two layers of plastic.

This sport differs from Zorb football because participants are fully immersed in the zorb. Additionally, the game does not have any balls involved. Instead, once participants are inside their zorbs, they are pushed down a hilly place to see who can make it to the finish line first.

The sport usually takes place on a grassy hill to avoid puncturing the plastic zorb or causing injury to participants. There are people who also prefer playing this sport on large bodies of water such as lakes and rivers.

Some people refer to this sport as sphering while others may call it globe-riding. One of the first commercial zorbing events took place in New Zealand in 1994. Today, people from around the world find the sport exciting which is why more and more are taking it up.

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7. Zombie Run

Image by Field of Screams

Zombie Run is a fairly new sport that is quickly catching on throughout the world. In this sport, a course is built with a variety of obstacles for participants to overcome. Some of the obstacles include muddy areas, hurdles to jump over, and spaces to crawl through.

The sport can take place during the day or under the cover of darkness. Participants can choose to be zombies or runners. The key is to run as fast as possible and make it through the course without being caught by a zombie.

If you decide to play the part of a zombie, you’ll be required to wear appropriate costumes and then catch as many runners as possible before they complete the course.

While the sport can take place throughout the year, many people participate in it during Halloween. It is quite a hit with kids between the ages of 10 and 15.

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8. Zip Ball

Image from A2Z Science & Learning Store

Zip ball or Zoom ball is another exciting game that starts with the letter Z. It is an outdoor game suitable for two people. To play it, you’ll need to have two long cords with handles at each end. The two cords should have a ball right in the middle of the cords.

You can buy the items directly from your local store or online. Once you get a spacious area in the backyard or at the park, you’ll need to stretch out your arms as wide as possible.

That will have the effect of pushing the ball toward the opponent’s side. If you are fast and tactical, you’ll end up pushing the ball beyond the set mark and that means you can claim victory.

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9. Zonal Defense

Image from Breakthrough Basketball 

Zonal Defense is a sport that anyone can play as long as they are creative. The key is to have about two or three players guarding specific areas on a field.

The opposing team will then have to outmaneuver the defenders to get to the prize. The prize can be a goalpost, an object, or a person. Defenders are tasked with shielding whatever prize they are entrusted with.

This sport can be played indoors or outdoors depending on the number of people who wish to participate and the intensity you wish to achieve.

Other sports such as volleyball, basketball, and football often incorporate this game into training sessions to teach players offensive and defensive techniques.

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10. Zero-Gravity Football

Image from YouTube @Guinness World Records

As the name suggests, Zero-gravity football is a sporting event organized to break a world record. In this sport, players are taken aboard a parabolic flight with a pitch situated in the middle of the plane. The players are then required to play normal football or soccer.

The only catch is that the sport takes place at an altitude where the players do not experience any gravitational forces. As you can imagine, this is not a sport for everyone, but it can be an enjoyable experience to watch on TV in the comfort of your own home.

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11. Zumba

Image from Youtube @OneHowto 

Zumba is a type of workout routine created to ensure that participants stay in shape. It involves cardio and Latin-inspired dance moves.

While participants are not required to compete against each other, there are times when people come together and organize duels to see who can emerge victorious when it comes to completing the different routines.

At the end of the day, people participate in this sport to boost their own fitness and encourage others to do the same while also having fun.

Wrapping Up

These sports starting with Z are among some of the most popular and helpful for anyone to try out.

Sports such as Ziplining, Zorb football, and Zumba can be the ideal pick for anyone that just wants to have fun while keeping fit in a casual manner. Zui Quan, Zourkhaneh, and Zen Bu Kan Kempo on the other hand require a lot more dedication since they involve important teachings and skills training.

Regardless of the sport you choose, you can rest assured of enjoying tremendous benefits including meeting new people and boosting overall mental and physical fitness.

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