4 Best Kayak Gun Mounts

4 Best Kayak Gun Mounts

There are many reasons you might want to mount a gun to your kayak.

If you’re hunting ducks or other waterfowl, a kayak gun mount will ensure you don’t have to hold the gun in your hands while kayaking. It will free up your hands so you can paddle or use your binoculars.

In case you plan on kayaking to shore and hunting from there, a kayak gun mount ensures your gun is always on hand in case you need it quickly to hunt an animal that is close to shore. If you need to rummage through your luggage or storage, you might lose the catch.

To help you out, I have discussed below some of the best kayak gun mounts on the market at present.

Check them out.

Best Kayak Gun Mounts


The RAILBLAZA GunHold is a great mount for shotguns, rifles, spear guns, bows, and other weapons. It comes with built-in vibration protection for your firearm and flexible rubber fingers that adapt to all types of gun butts.

The GunHold is made of high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting, including UV-resistant plastic and UV-resistant TPE rubber. The strap, which is made of UV-resistant urethane plastic, securely fastens your firearm in place.

It’s easy to set up. It’s best to buy two of them for a single rifle.

However, you should also buy the StarPort Base from RAILBLAZA to install the GunHold. While it is compatible with all StarPort Bases, I recommend the StarPort HD Base, a rectangular base with a four-point installation for kayaks and canoes.

With a simple slide-locking mechanism, you can easily remove your firearm for quick access. It’s compatible with standard hardware for popular bases such as Scotty and Cannon.

An alternative product is the StarPort Base.

2. Hobie Kayak Gun Mount

Hobie - Kayak Gun Mount (Pair) - 72020013


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The Hobie Kayak Gun Mount comes in a pair, making it perfect for long rifles. It’s designed for Hobie kayaks, but you can also modify it to fit many other kayak brands.

The mount helps secure your firearm in place, while the padding on the mount protects it from scratches, dings, and other cosmetic damage.

The Hobie kayak gun mount is made of durable plastic, and it comes with all the components you will need to assemble it. Assembling it is relatively easy and straightforward, and it shouldn’t take too much time.

The only downside of the Hobie gun mount is that if you don’t have a Hobie kayak, it might not be compatible with your kayak.

3. NuCanoe Kayak Gun and Bow Mount

Nu Canoe Gun/Bow Mounts, Pair, Kayak, 5100

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This mount from NuCanoe is designed to hold either a gun or bow. If you do archery, it’s a good choice as well.

NuCanoe is a company that sells fishing and hunting kayaks.

While primarily designed for shotguns and bows, it could be used for other firearms as well.

It can fit on either the Freedom Track or Casting Bar from NuCanoe, two accessories that attach to your NuCanoe kayak and allow you to mount additional gear, such as this gun mount.

However, it’s only designed for NuCanoe kayaks. In particular, it’s compatible with the following models: F10, Frontier 12, Pursuit, Flint, and Unlimited.

Those are the five fishing and hunting kayaks offered by NuCanoe.

The mount comes complete with screws, locknuts, bolts, and everything else you need to install it on your Casting Bar or Freedom Track.

It is made of glass-reinforced polyester, nylon, and other durable materials. Not only is it long-lasting, but the straps and cradles help secure your firearm in place, even if the weather gets rough.

The quick-release mechanism lets you quickly access and remove your firearm or bow when you spot a target.

With flexible positioning options and easy installation, it’s a great option if you have a NuCanoe kayak.

4. AntreeMAG 4-Pack Gun Magnet Mount

AntreeMAG 4-Pack Gun Magnet Mount, 55 lb Rating,Magnetic Gun Holster| Rubber Coated Gun Holder for Handgun, Shotgun, Rifles, Revolvers| Beside Holster, Using in Cars, Trucks, Wall, DeskCheck Price on Amazon


The AntreeMAG magnetic gun mount is a great option if you have a small gun, such as a pistol, that you want to keep within reach while kayaking.

Whether you intend to hunt with the gun or just want to keep it around for self-defense, it’s a great choice, but it will require some drilling.

If you have a kayak made of thick rotomolded plastic, you can definitely drill into the plastic, although you might want some silicone putty on hand for sealing purposes.

It comes in a pack of four, which means you could easily use the others as mounts under your desk, in your truck, or on the wall of your bedroom. Also, you could use the same mount to store other metal items on your kayak, such as a pair of scissors.

Since it uses magnetic force to secure your gun, you won’t need to undo any straps. All you have to do is place the gun on the mount when you want to store it and remove it when you want to use it.

Don’t worry. Just because it uses magnetic force doesn’t mean it’s weak; with a 55 pound rating, you could use it for a wide range of firearms. Technically, it could be used for shotguns and rifles as well, if you have the space.

Also, it won’t damage your gun due to the rubber coating on top of the magnetic area that protects your firearm from dings, scratches, and other damage.

Wrap Up

There are many ways to mount a gun to your kayak. However, it’s important to follow local laws and regulations, including getting the proper licenses for owning a gun, hunting, and fishing.

Gun carry laws vary from state to state and even from county to county. Even if you don’t need a license to carry a gun, hunting is a different story.

Usually, you will need a hunting license to hunt. Every state will have different requirements and restrictions.

If you plan on hunting waterfowl, make sure you check the waterfowl-specific requirements in your state. You may only be allowed to hunt certain waterfowl, for example, and use specific firearms with possible restrictions on barrel lengths and other specifications.

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