Top 15 Easiest Sports In The World

Top 15 Easiest Sports In The World

Sports don’t always have to be hard or competitive.

It rather depends on your goals and what you want to achieve. If you want to take up a sport for enjoyment or fitness, you’ll find most of them easy.

However, if you want to compete at the highest level or want to be a professional athlete, then you may find certain sports more difficult than others.

Fortunately for regular people, there are countless easy sports they can participate in without pushing themselves too hard.

In this article, I’ll take you through some of the easiest sports in the world. I’ll also discuss what makes them so easy.

Let’s begin.

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What Makes a Sport Easy?

The easiest sports in the world usually exhibit any of the following four key traits.

  • Low level of difficulty: The sport should be easy enough for anyone to play regardless of their gender, age, or physique. In short, it shouldn’t be too physically demanding.
  • Ease of access: It shouldn’t cost people an arm and a leg just for them to participate. It should be a sport that people can take part in at the spur of the moment without planning in advance or having to buy expensive gear.
  • Flexibility of the rules: It should be easy to bend some of the rules in order to make them more accommodating depending on the needs of the players. In a nutshell, the sport should lean more towards fun than competitiveness. There shouldn’t be too much pressure on the participants to overdo things.
  • Multiple venue options: The sport should be flexible enough to be played almost anywhere without needing a special field or court. All you would need is basic equipment, willing participants, and open space.

With that in mind, let’s explore the easiest sports in the world that you can take part in at any moment, with anyone, anywhere.

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Easiest Sports In the World

1. Cycling

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk/Pexels

Cycling is easy for a number of reasons. First, it doesn’t have a lot of rules, all you have to do is get on a bicycle, find a safe route, step on the peddles, and travel as far as you can. After all, most people learned to cycle as kids so the experience and expertise are there.

Second, you don’t need a special racing bicycle to take part in cycling. The bicycle you normally use to go to the market can work too.

Furthermore, since you’re not pushing yourself too hard, you don’t have to invest in protective gear. In fact, you can rent all of these things cheaply and then return them once you’re done.

Finally, you can choose to cycle alone or engage in a harmless race with your friends and family members. You can have fun while bantering with each other as you cycle through the beautiful countryside and give your body a much-needed workout.

Whenever you feel tired, just stop beside the road and take a break. No pressure.

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2. Soccer

Photo by Kampus Production/Pexels

While soccer may appear to be a demanding sport based on the sheer number of professional football leagues scattered all over the world, it’s actually a very easy sport.

There are several reasons that make soccer one of the easiest sports on this list. You don’t need an official soccer pitch to play the game, any makeshift area can serve the purpose. I remember growing up playing the game on unused tarmac roads.

Furthermore, you can come up with your own soccer rules to make it more fun and inclusive. For example, having two teams of 11 players each isn’t mandatory.

You can make do with the number of people at hand. This is how variations like 5-A-Side were invented. You can even play the game with more than 11 players on each side as long as you have willing participants.

Soccer isn’t expensive either. As long as you have a soccer ball and a place to play, you can wear any type of shoes and clothes as long as they don’t hinder your movements.

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3. Aerobics

Photo by Ron Lach/Pexels

Aerobics combines simple exercises and fun, but those are not the only things that make it stand out as an easy sport.

First, there’s no special or expensive equipment required for aerobics because the whole activity is just a series of body exercises where you stretch your body combined with multiple body movements.

The only thing you may have to invest in are comfortable and stretchy workout clothes and those never cost too much. If that’s still beyond your budget, simply find some loose clothes that you rarely use and start stretching.

Aerobics doesn’t require a special field either. You can do it in your living room as long as you have the space. In fact, it’s better to do it from the comfort of your house while watching tutorials on YouTube with music in the background for the best rhythm.

Another thing that makes aerobics an easy sport is the fact that you can choose to do it alone or link up with your friends and family members for a group session. That should provide a good opportunity for bonding and catching up.

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4. Bowling

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk/Pexels

Bowling is a recreational sport that most people take part in when they are out having a good time with friends. But what makes it an easy sport?

The sport has a few rules but the one that matters the most is very simple; knock down all ten pins in one move.

While bowling professionals are well-versed with the rules, casual players don’t have to over-exert themselves. For example, they can hold a harmless competition to see who can knock down the pins with the least number of attempts.

Although bowling is limited in terms of the playing venue, you don’t need to buy your own bowling ball or pins. Just show up at the nearest bowling center, pay the entry fee, and bowl for as long as you want.

In fact, most bowling centers rent bowling shoes and other accessories at very cheap prices and that’s convenient for people who just want to have fun on a weekend.

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5. Arm Wrestling

Photo by Alexa Popovich/Pexels

Anyone who grew up with many siblings may have taken part in arm wrestling at some point and I’m sure they received an earful from their parents while at it.

Arm wrestling ticks all the “easiest sports in the world” boxes as it is one of the few options here that doesn’t require any equipment or a special venue. You just need hands and muscles.

This sport has one main rule, push your opponent’s arm until it touches the ground or a table to win. You don’t need to wear any special gear for it and you don’t need to have a special platform either. It can be held outside or on the kitchen table. It all depends on the preferences of the participants.

Furthermore, arm wrestling can provide a very good source of entertainment for close friends who may not have something to occupy their free time. If you want to find out how strong you are without harming anyone, then I highly recommend this sport.

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6. Table Tennis

Photo by SHVETS production/Pexels

Table tennis is a team sport that made it to this list because of its simplicity and how fun it can be when people from the same circle of friends compete with each other.

Although the sport may require some specialized equipment like a table, net, paddles, and a ball, these things don’t cost too much and can also be rented. Additionally, if you’re really determined to play the game, you can set up a DIY table indoors or outdoors and enjoy the game.

Table tennis is particularly perfect for students looking to compete with each other without spending too much. Fortunately, most schools have invested in the necessary table tennis equipment making access much easier.

A game of table tennis is played to 11 points but you can create your own rules to suit the needs of your group. At the end of the day, you get a good opportunity to work out while bonding with other people.

7. Kho Kho

Source: YouthIncorporated

The ancient Indian sport of Kho Kho is sometimes disregarded by the sporting community. But it stands out as one of the most accessible sports to learn and love.

First, Kho Kho requires almost no equipment, unlike other mainstream sports that require pricey gear. All you need is a flat field, some chalk to draw the boundaries, and a group of eager players.

You don’t even need special clothing, as long as you know who your teammates are you’re good to go.

Secondly, Kho Kho’s rules are simple and flexible. Players can make little adjustments to fit their preferences and adapt them to the various skill levels. This guarantees that everyone can take part without too much pressure.

The game can also be played anywhere with ample open space. You can do it on a field of grass, a schoolyard, or even on the pavement; there’s no need for a fancy stadium. This adds a fun angle to the game since you can just decide to play it without any prior planning.

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8. Kabaddi

Source: Britannica

Kabaddi is an interesting contact team sport played between two teams of seven players. It involves teams playing offense and defense while touching as many people as possible before returning to their court within 30 seconds, without being tackled. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

But what makes Kabaddi one of the easiest and most fun sports in the world is the fact that there’s no ball involved. It’s just you and your hands. You simply move within the allowed areas of the court trying your best to score points within a limited timeframe.

You don’t need superhuman strength or expensive gear, just the ability to hold your breath for as long as you can while chanting “Kabaddi”.

In addition to that, Kabaddi is incredibly flexible. The rules can be changed to increase enjoyment and inclusivity and can even be made lax enough for children and senior citizens to participate.

The sport can also be played in a park or at the beach. All you need is enough space and a team of willing participants. Just ensure you wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move around fast.

9. Kite Flying

Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh/Pexels

Kite flying is another activity that many people experienced when they were growing up. It’s a full-fledged sport with its own set of rules that dictate how it’s played and how points are scored.

This sport has a low level of difficulty and it is far from being too physically demanding or complicated. All you have to do is hold your end of the line while the kite dances in the strong breeze.

You may struggle if you use a bigger kite, but as for the regular ones, even kids can handle them.

Kite flying is also accessible to people of all ages and genders. It is surprisingly affordable and you can either purchase or hire a ready-made kite or make your own by utilizing basic supplies like paper, sticks, and thread. There are no specialized tools needed.

The sport isn’t bound by rigid rules either. Participants can collectively decide to suspend any competitive regulations and just enjoy holding the kites as they fly through the air.

The same applies to the venue, you only need an open field or a beach with sufficient wind currents.

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10. Running & Walking

Photo by Leandro Boogalu/Pexels

Running and walking are the easiest sports on this list and there are multiple reasons to support this assertion.

First, it’s free to run and walk everywhere. While the experience can be enhanced if you get the right running shoes, shirt, and pants, they’re not deal breakers. You can decide at any time of the day to just step outside and take a walk or go for a light jog.

Second, you’re not limited to a single venue, you can use your entire surroundings to run and walk. You can do it on the road, along the beach, inside a stadium, or from the comfort of your house if you have an indoor treadmill.

Third, you can change the rules to suit your abilities. You don’t have to run non-stop like you’re in an Olympic race. Take breaks when you feel your chest becoming too hot. Remember, the aim is to have fun, not to punish your body.

Finally, you can run and walk alone or participate with other people and turn it into a little competition. But the biggest advantage of running and walking is how they keep you fit while giving you an opportunity to interact with your surroundings.

11. Lawn Bowling

Source: SportsHub

Lawn Bowling is a recreational sport that’s usually played outdoors on flat surfaces mostly made of grass. The objective of this sport is to roll biased balls so that they can stop as close as possible to a smaller target ball. The ball that closes that distance the most, wins.

Very little physical effort is needed to play lawn bowling and that’s why it’s regarded as one of the easiest sports in the world. This game puts more of an emphasis on precision than power, unlike most mainstream sports that call for peak athleticism.

There is no jogging, jumping, or strenuous exercise required and that’s why people who participate in this sport do it for recreational reasons.

Furthermore, the game is easily accessible and you only need to get basic equipment like balls and a flat grassy surface, something that’s easy to find.

The rules aren’t that strict either and you can bend them a little to add more fun to the game, especially if the participants are drawn from different ages and genders.

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12. Spikeball

Source: WilliamsRecord

Spikeball is the definition of fun as far as the easiest sports on this list are concerned. It combines elements of volleyball and four-square

This sport is refreshingly low on the difficulty scale. It doesn’t require superhuman strength or extremely quick reflexes, unlike many traditional sports.

The game’s rules are straightforward: it involves two teams of two players each taking turns shooting the ball into the goal. Each team gets a maximum of three touches and when the opposing side doesn’t get the ball back, the other team gets the points.

Spikeball is also very accessible and affordable to play. The equipment can be rented and even if you choose to buy, you won’t spend too much. The venue choices aren’t too rigid either. Ideally, the game is played on a grassy surface but any flat ground can work too.

You can also tweak the rules to either make it more challenging or tone down the difficulty level to accommodate anyone who may be struggling to keep up. It’s the perfect summer sport if you want to break a sweat without straining.

13. Tug of War

Photo by Yan Krukau/Pexels

If you’re looking for a sport that’s both easy and the epitome of fun, then Tug of War is the best option. It’s one of the most easily accessible sports in the world and most people have played it at some point in their lives.

The difficulty level in this game is very low and actually depends on the strength of the participants. For example, it’s different when it is kids taking part and entirely something else when it involves strong adults. The bottom line is that anyone can play the sport without hurting themselves.

Furthermore, Tug of War is easily accessible to people from all walks of life. You don’t need to spend a single dime. All you need is a rope, a group of excited and willing participants, and a spacious grass field.

The rules are also straight to the point. You only need to pull the opposing team until they step onto your side of the line. It’s then up to you to modify the rules depending on the age and gender of the participants.

So find a rope and get tugging.

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14. Darts

Photo by Marc/Pexels

If you walk into most bars, you’ll find a dart board hanging on the wall with drunk revelers trying to hit the bullseye. But what most people don’t know is that darts is an internationally recognized sport that can be played by anyone.

Darts are small, pointed missile-shaped arrows that are thrown towards a circular target, usually a dartboard, on a wall. By striking particular spots on the board, players score points with each player required to throw three darts in order to bring their score to zero.

The sport of darts has a fairly low difficulty level and anyone can participate even if they don’t have the accuracy to hit the target. It’s not physically demanding and when you take away the competitiveness, it can be a very good recreational sport.

Darts is also easy to access and you can buy the board and set it up in your house, as it doesn’t cost too much. Alternatively, you can play the game with others in a bar or other recreational spaces.

The rules are also flexible with the sport having multiple variations that players can collectively agree upon before they start playing.

15. Egg Racing


Wrapping up our list of the easiest sports in the world is egg racing, a light-hearted sport that combines fun, patience, and competitiveness in equal measures.

In egg racing, competitors must avoid dropping the egg while racing from one location to another. The winner is the first person to cross the finish line while holding onto their egg.

The sport requires little physical effort, making it appropriate for persons with different levels of fitness. Anyone can participate in this game, regardless of age, unlike many other sports that require extensive training.

Egg racing is also easy to access and play and you don’t have to spend too much. You just need a spoon, an egg, and a short running track that can be indoor or outdoor. It’s the most budget-friendly sport on this list that can simultaneously be recreational and competitive.

The rules aren’t that complicated either. You just need to race to the end of the track without dropping the egg. The track can be made longer or shorter depending on the age of the participants and that’s what makes this one of the easiest sports on this list.

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Wrapping Up

These are some of the easiest sports in the world that anyone can play with minimal effort. You don’t have to spend too much on gear or accessories. You can even play these games anywhere at any time.

Soccer is my favorite and I have been playing it since I was young, but I would also recommend bowling if you have a large group of friends or even Tug of War if you want a proper workout.

But regardless of my recommendation, pick the one you like and get started. All are easy and super simple.

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